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nannyAlthough I grew up with nannies and eventually a helper when we got older ever since my sister and I were little, my resolve has always been to raise my child on my own. It may have a lot to do with our nannies being mean to us as we got warnings not to tell on them, else we’ll get more beatings and pinches. I can still vividly remember being chased by this nanny who carried a broomstick (matches her witchy image in my head) in her hand ready to hit me when she catches me. Because we were left with them every single day, what choice did we have, really?

Save for 2010 that we hired a reliable helper, who had to leave in 2012, our family has practically been helper free, for the most part. When our son was a few months old, we attempted to hire a nanny as we considered my having to go back to the corporate world. To cut the long story short, both nannies we tried to hire back then were toxic. I had to let go one after the other. What got me to the end of my rope was when I saw with my very eyes how the nanny hit my 10 month old son with a balloon stick when he was just playing hide and seek with her. I was right there in the room with her. I was busy on the phone and she must not have noticed me because there was a divider in between us. My heart crushed right there. :'(

My son is 8 years old now and I still remember this with unbelief up to now. No, we have not hired a nanny ever since. The helper we hired in 2010 was more like a housekeeper. Jed, at 5 years old back then, was already fairly independent.

Back to that “balloon stick-slapping nanny,”  the mark on my then 10 month old son’s arm proved the hitting and yet that nanny lied straight faced.  Needless to say, she did not last a month. Ideally, babies should be taken cared of by family members. I say this with conviction, because I only know so well how our patience could really be tested even by our own children. How much more can we expect a stranger to have some compassion for someone who is not related to him/her. Makes sense, right?

baby vision

When I found out about Baby Vision, I just knew it was the one thing parents who leave their children to nannies can make use of. And if only I had this back in 2005, I would not have to endure all those nanny heartaches I put up with back then. While not a handful lot is called to work from home like I do, parents of this generation no longer have to live wondering how their child is doing back home with the nanny they hired. Baby Vision, apparently, is more than just a regular CCTV camera. It is such a nifty gadget that allows parents to monitor their child through various mobile and desktop devices. With practically everyone carrying a smartphone nowadays, that’s just really neat! This much I can say, why was there no Baby Vision in 2005? Why?! 🙂

baby vision features

Allow me to run you through the delightful features of Baby Vision:

  • Plug & Play
  • LAN/WiFi/3G/LTE Connectivity
  • 2-Way Intercom
  • Photo/Video
  • Can connect to up to 5 devices
  • Infrared (IR) for Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Free Apple & Android App
  • Horizontal (Pan), Vertical (Tilt)
  • Zoom

I love that this Baby Vision innovation allows parents to have peace of mind as they go about their daily grind. With the reality of a two-income household being, more often than not, necessary to sustain the family’s needs. For some families, being helper-free is not really an option. And just when I thought something like this can be really pricey, it actually is not. If we can afford to get ourselves those smartphones, Baby Vision actually sells for cheaper, at P7,990 (approx.$186).  This gadget is heaven sent for those who have babies and children left with nannies, I cannot emphasize that enough.

As I personally consider to get back to the corporate world (something I have been really praying for), Baby Vision might just be my direct communication with my son, even as it is equipped with a 2-way intercom. My son still desires to be homeschooled even if I get employed. We’ll see how this will go. 🙂

Baby Vision Wireless Baby Monitor



Nannies, Helpers, Peace of Mind and Baby Vision
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