Living in College Campus Housing

If you have enrolled in college and will be living in USC upstate housing villas or apartments, you will enjoy what the campus has to offer while you live close by and take in what the city and school life brings to your first year as a student.

Make New Friends

Living in college housing can be a little intimidating and nerve-wracking if you have never done it before. You are suddenly put into a position with another student that you have never met before. You may or may not mesh well, and that is a chance that you will have to take by living in campus housing. Everyone living in housing is in the same boat as you and will be feeling awkward and desperate for friendly relationships. This will make it easier to make friends and to talk with others. Most housing dorms will give you the opportunity to meet and greet your peers. A friendly bash can be thrown at the beginning of the school year, so that you can mingle and chat with those that are unfamiliar. Once you have some friendships established, the heavy weight will be lifted off of your shoulders, and you can begin a school year feeling confident and joyous.

Wonderful Needed Amenities

One benefit of living in student housing is that you will be offered various amenities for your studying and living needs. A quiet room to hop on a computer or to sit on a couch and read a very long book for your exam is the way to prepare. Your roommate may be blasting the radio all afternoon, so take advantage of these quiet facilities. When it is time to party and wind down, an area dedicated to pool tables, soda machines, and televisions is all you need to have some fun before you have to hit the books again.

Fun and Freedom

You may feel nervous to live on your own at a new school, but USC upstate housing will ensure that you feel comfortable and happy when studying, meeting new friends, or simply enjoying college life and all it has to offer.

Living in College Campus Housing

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