Our Homeschooler’s Level 4 Reward

This is the week that our homeschooler will complete his Level 4 PACES! We have been looking forward to this culmination for a while now. But we are not rushing him in any way since Jed is just 8 years old and will soon level up to Grade 5. What we value for the most part is that he sticks to reaching the goal he has set for him to finish every day. That is, 5 pages for each of his 8 subjects.


 We are soon to fill in the last column of our homeschooler’s Master Record Sheet!

math pace

Because this Mama cannot resist posting one of Jed’s perfect Math tests. From all the 11 of 12 Math PACE tests he is done with in Level 4, this is the 6th that he has perfect score in. The above photo is a portion of his 3-page Math PACE test. 🙂

Our homeschooler does not really fancy Math very much. Something he has clearly not taken after his father. Don’t look at me now. Because unlike me, he picks up new lessons rather easily, although he has this tendency to be a little careless. In fact, the mistakes he has committed in all PACE tests are all borne out of carelessness. We are hopeful that he will soon have a better grasp of Math when we get him enrolled soon in Galileo’s Singapore Math program.

Petronas Twin Towers (Glow in the dark)

We have formerly mentioned how we, being home educators, believe in the excellent casio px 330 price at guitar center, a Casio vintage watch (particularly the one with calculator on it), a Lego City set or a Petronas Twin Towers Glow in the Dark 3D Puzzle Pop Out World.

When he decided it was the latter he has surely put his heart on, we decided to buy the Petronas Twin Towers 3D Puzzle already because as it turns out, this choice is the cheapest from the list, at P759.75. 🙂 But he is not to touch the box until he has done with every single PACE. I snuck it in my secret place where he is not supposed to find it. I leave it sitting anywhere and he will be bound to stare, fiddle with it and lose track of finishing his homeschool goals altogether.

I love how our homeschooler looks forward to finishing his goals and plans on how he and his papa will work on his Petronas Twin Towers Glow in the Dark 3D Puzzle Pop Out World masterpiece.

Our Homeschooler’s Level 4 Reward

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