8yo Jed Ouido Plays Phantom of the Opera intro

Our son started to play by ear Phantom of the Opera‘s intro as soon as we got home from a quick Kawayan Cove trip last May. He has a knack for this especially with theme songs right from when his likes were as baby-ish as Thomas and His Friends. He was around a year old then and he would play it on his Leap Frog musical toys, all by ear.

Hubby believes that we should have him continue his formal piano lessons to nurture his musical talents. He tried teaching our musical boy a few chord son the Danelectro Guitars but he gave up soon after, complaining of his achy little fingers. Keyboards it is, for now. Our little man’s love for playing the keyboards will maximize the M Audio Pro Keys Sono 61 keyboard we bought for him last year. 🙂

8yo Jed Ouido Plays Phantom of the Opera intro

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