Witnessing the 17th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta 2012

After failing to go the previous years, our family was finally able to witness the the 17th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta yesterday! It has always been something our son looked forward to. It was kind of our scheduled “homeschool field trip.” And because the first flight of balloons was happening early morning at Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, we thought we should instead do an overnight.  

We traveled with our good friends, Montsch and Iris Wednesday night to make it to the Hotair Balloon Festival before February 9, 2012, Thursday’s daybreak. We really would rather stay for the night than have to drag ourselves from sleep at the wee hours of the morning to do a long drive.

Winking Daisy

My favorite from the bunch is the Winking Daisy. I’m not really sure what this Winking Daisy hot air balloon is officially called.  For anyone who is in the know, kindly throw the info on the comment section. 🙂 It sure is one pretty sight! Daisies are hands down my favorite flowers in the world. It’s not as elegant as tulips, sure. But they are totally the friendliest flower specie for me.

Another personal favorite is New Zealand’s Kiwi hot air balloon.

Took a panoramic shot of the balloons before they flew off.

It was our first time and we sure did enjoy the the beauty of all those balloons flying up in the air!  We really did not intend to stay longer to take a dip on the other activities at the site. Although we would have loved to get inside a real battle tank or some cool air craft, it was not exactly part of our agenda. There were a handful of things to take care of back in the city. 

Plus, our little guy started to feel out of sorts as soon as we got off our ride on our way to the site.  T’was around 6AM. We were all startled that he suddenly threw up.  But he said he was fine after.  We dismissed it as some kind of indigestion from the chicken barbeque he ate just before he slept the midnight before.

Our little guy even managed to fly a kite after his first vomiting episode. He said throwing up made him feel better. We were not that alarmed because it was not the volatile kind of vomiting. But when all the hot air balloon took off, the poor boy threw up again. 🙁

As I remember spotting a couple of uniformed doctors of Medical City before the hot air balloons flew off, I thought we need to have our son checked just before driving back to Manila, just to be sure.

Our little guy with Dr. Michelle Lim and Dr. Givenchy Maree Garcia just before he was cleared.  I was told that his tummy was not hard, which should be a good thing. He might just have some sort of indigestion issue or Dyspepsia.

He threw up four more times on our way back to Manila. So we headed to see his doctor, Dr. Editha Zulueta. She reiterated what the doctors from the Medical City said earlier.  But said to watch out if it progresses to him having watery stool. Then that it could possibly be intestinal flu. She also said that a bunch of kids are confined because of some bug. I will further blog about this later. Our “field trip” was not exactly perfect but we nonetheless enjoyed the 17th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta. Yes, even my slowly recovering patient. 🙂

Witnessing the 17th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta 2012

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