Our Battle Against Dengue

Our family has been considerably vigilant against Dengue and yet it somehow managed to creep in and attack our six year old son last week. We don’t have mosquitoes and bugs in our house. Credits to our trusty JML Pest Shield, which we’ve had for around three years now. So whenever our son gets out of the house, I always make sure to spray all over his body some insect repellent. One brand of which, I even bought one liter of. Just to make sure we can easily replenish the atomizer we use whenever it runs out. It started with fever one Thursday afternoon. We tried to manage the fever. It went swinging from 38°-40° until the day after. I tried to book with Hi-Precision Diagnostic for a home service blood extraction, but was told that their Saturday schedule was already fully booked. We took our son to the laboratory first thing Saturday morning instead.

By Saturday morning, my son’s fever has been on for more than a day. Normally, with regular laboratory test – CBC and Platelet count, Dengue cannot yet be detected. We were not willing to take the risk. So we had our son take the Dengue NS1 Test. I will blog about Hi-Precision Diagnostics later. It took less than 2 hours for the CBC and Platelet count result to be available online. We are just thankful that this kind of service is now available for our convenience. Result came back normal, save for some differential count abnormalities, which practically reads as infection, I was told. Because my son’s high grade fever was not responding to any paracetamol medication, we decided to take him to his doctor before we were able to download the Dengue NS1 test result. He was given an antibiotic prescription (Co-Amoxiclav), because the doctor saw that his tonsils were inflamed. Most likely, viral.

It was when I got home from an errand that we were able to download the result – Dengue Positive (Weak Reaction). This basically explained why his fever did not respond to any medication.  We decided to take him to Jesus Immaculate Conception Hospital, where his doctor is, for confinement that Saturday night. Just so his platelet count will be closely monitored.  We were just really blessed that even through what could easily be tagged as a deadly disease that our son had, he was still chattering about and with energy, for the most part. To see our children suffer is the most painful thing in the world.

My son’s confinement because of Dengue was considerably uneventful. Save for the time when the doctor had a hard time locating a vein in his right arm to insert the IV in, which took around 30mins.  His chubby hand prevented the IV needle to get in. They ended up inserting the IV on his right foot instead. The above photo was taken the day after. He was already fever free then. The doctor also ordered Typhidotblood test for Typhoid, just to be sure and the result came back negative.

Platelet count was religiously monitored throughout our stay and his result did not go below 200! Praise God! 150 is said to be the number to watch out for. It becomes more critical as the digits dive down.

They actually serve good hospital food in Jesus Immaculate Conception Hospital. It may have helped that the little guy was not on any particular diet. I did get to taste portions. And in all the hospitalizations I’ve had, JICH has the best hospital food in my list.

The doc said that the IV needle must have gone out of vein which caused his foot to swell. It was only then that he was able to do Number 2. He moved his bowels thrice that day, most of them watery. Sorry to gross you out. TMI (too much information), I know. But diarrhea is one of the symptoms of Dengue. That’s what he manifested and rashes too. He was given an an anti-itch medication starting Sunday morning when he began to feel itchy all over.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Despite our long awaited Boracay trip being cancelled, it was a happy birthday for Jeff nonetheless, we were discharged on Papa’s birthday. Yay! Choosing to be grateful in whatever circumstance has tested us in this. Yes, there were moments last Monday when we exchanged thoughts of the plane landing in Kalibo at a particular moment, even playing in the sand at another – all in cheerful, non-resentful tones. Thoughts that we were oh so willing to exchange for our son being back to health again. The Lord is faithful and he has restored our son to good health.

Our son with Dra. Editha Zulueta, moments before we left the hospital. Our son loves her so much! In fact, the times that we tell him that we need to take him to the doctor, it will be fine with him as long as it is Dra. Zulueta who he’s going to see.  She owns Jesus Immaculate Conception Hospital. For appointment, call 941-9362.  She’s the best! Thanks to my friend Lelet, for the recommendation. 🙂

To celebrate Jeff’s 36th birthday, we drove to Tagaytay and was finally able to stay in The Boutique (I will blog about it later). It was the one place we always wanted to go to but never got the chance until last Tuesday. The Lord has better things in mind for us, indeed — A chance to be grateful in what could easily be considered to be a sucky circumstance, to see His hand move and heal through faith and to see the beauty in spontaneity!

This Dengue scare has  further reinforced a learning I knew all along. I can do absolutely everything in my power to keep my son away from those dengue carrying mosquitoes, I have even blogged about the different insect repellents we use back in 2007. But everything is really all up to God. He is in complete control of everything.  Choosing to praise Him regardless of this unexpected Dengue fever that struck our son, is the one thing that liberated me from all the worries any mother in my circumstance is subjected to. 🙂

Our Battle Against Dengue

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