Our family is loving SkyCable’s P499 Blockbuster Package

It was not until late last year when we finally subscribed to SkyCable’s P499 Blockbuster Package. We have for some time deliberated between SkyCable and a satellite cable subscription. We have stalled for the longest time because our job is mostly online based. We rarely have the television on except when the consoles are used. But when we saw this advertisement in SM Masinag that SkyCable subscription is so affordable, we thought our favorite channels we used to have on cable before we had our home built should be worth it. And as for the cable satellite subscription, after hearing a lot of complaints from my mom, who is subscribed to one, on its reception, I would not even think about it.

 Aside from SkyCable’s P499 Blockbuster Package being affordable, we also have our 6 year old to consider.  We were convinced that he won’t be addicted to watching television like a lot of kids are nowadays. Especially because he has already established a routine. He only gets to watch when he’s done with his school work and would gladly turn off the tv when we tell him to.  The love for reading always makes it easier for him to drop watching. Besides, the subscription is really more for the hubby and me. It’s just sweet that we can just stay home and have a date night whenever we want.

SkyCable’s over 50 channels in its P499 Blockbuster Package are worth it. Honestly, we only get to watch a few from the bunch. Our favorites are: National Geographic, History, Biography, Balls, Asian Food Channel, HBO, Star Movies, Cinema One and Cartoon Network.

I was told by Mom (who wishes she can switch as easily to Sky – she can’t because of the big satellite dish over their garage), that I can actually request from SkyCable to switch one of the channels that we don’t watch to ANC. She said I’ve got to have that channel. Not sure why, though. I think it’s a news channel (?) and our family are not big fans of news.  But all the other above mentioned channels of SkyCable’s P499 Blockbuster Package, we are.


Our family is loving SkyCable’s P499 Blockbuster Package

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