Back from the hot air balloon fest and the hospital

We just got ourselves settled back home after our ride back from Clark, Pampanga and the hospital. My son has been so looking forward to the 17th Philippine hot air balloon fest since last year, when we were just too busy to squeeze it in.

Now that we were able to, our little guy got sick as we were about to enter the site where the hot air balloon festivities are to be held. As of writing, he’s still not feeling so well and has been throwing up all that he’s eating.

We did get to witness the first flight of balloons since our son insisted that he was okay after he first threw up. A post is scheduled to go up in a bit, complete with pictures. 🙂  But it proved after a few hours when he vomited the third time that we had to miss all the drift exhibitions that the organizers must have gotten ready. I’m sure both my boys would have been so thrilled.

We did have to drive straight to the hospital from Clark just to be sure our son was fine. We’re praying that this stomach bug that our boy has will go away soon. His doctor said that intestinal flu is pretty rampant nowadays.  For now,  we are trying to manage his illness at home. Hopefully, he will respond to the Metronidazole medication the doctor prescribed him.

Back from the hot air balloon fest and the hospital

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