Protect Your Family Against Dengue: Mozz Stop

After my son’s Dengue episode in 2011, despite our being vigilant against the deadly disease, we are now even more careful not to let our guards down. In fact, I’ve concocted my own anti-mosquito/bug recipe using a fusion of essential oils and is proving to be quite effective.  We are thankful that early detection is available through NS1 as compared several years back when patients have to wait days before knowing for sure it is Dengue. As with any disease, it can possibly become more fatal by the day.

Mozz Stop

What I love about blogging is I get first dibs on innovative products like Mozz Stop. They sent over 4 kits last week for us to test. Since my leaning is towards all-natural products, this is something I got really interested in.  It labels itself as mosquito ovicide (an agent that kills eggs) and larvicide (insecticide that targets that larval stage of an insect).

Mozz Stop kit

                            Mozz Stop Ingredients: Black Pepper 75% and Rice Husk Ash

Mozz Stop kit mix

Setting up the MozzStop System is easy. Just fill the black container with 250ml water. Pour the sachet contents in the tub, immerse the stick and it’s good to go. One sachet is effective for 21 days. Just make sure to add water when the water dries up. 

How MozzStop Works:
1. Attracts mosquitoes into the tub.
2. Traps mosquitoes and kills both eggs and wrigglers.
3. Works effectively for 21 days by preventing its population from growing.

I’ve since placed this kit in our patio where I think mosquitoes usually stay. The measure of it being effective, I might just observe in the coming weeks to come. Will get this post updated then.

Protect Your Family Against Dengue: Mozz Stop

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