Husband Agrees that He Can’t Afford Me as a Stay-at-Home-Mom Let Alone as a WAHM who Homeschools

When an article went viral last week on a husband expressing his inability to afford his wife as a stay- at-home-mom because of the long list of tasks she gets done and its overall relevance. It was amusing as he computed each task, approximate them and concluded that it’s hands down hard to afford a SAHM’s appraised salary.

Even converted to our local rate for tasks listed, SAHMs are really valuable, for sure. I kidded the hubby the night I forwarded him the article, that I’ll prolly inbox him the bill when I’ve computed how much I’d charge for not just being a SAHM but a WAHM who homeschools at the same time. I’ve practically made a career out of juggling. Lol!

It’s just plain amazing to me how the Lord wired us women to multitask like we do. It’s fun as I realize that devising a system totally works. It’s through God’s grace extended our way that we are able to deliver. And while it might be natural for me to drink in the joy of being able to do these things (because naturally, it is innate in us to long for affirmation), I refuse to place my significance on my abilities or what I’ve accomplished, as our culture would have it, thus far.

My significance rests in my true worth in God. His grace amazes me everyday as He walks me through my daily grind. I am His beloved and He never fails to make that known. Only through the filling He does to my cup, am I able to love my family and serve them with the right heart. And for the record, I don’t always have the right heart. Tao lang! (I’m only human!) 🙂 But my faithful God makes sure that grace finds me. My prayer is that I will always respond to His leading every time as I live out His purpose in my life. 🙂

Husband Agrees that He Can’t Afford Me as a Stay-at-Home-Mom Let Alone as a WAHM who Homeschools

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