We Choose #MultipleIntelligence

As a family that do not exactly follow the norm, we’re homeschooling and we also believe in progressive over traditional education, among other things.  Howard Gardner’s theory on Multiple Intelligence is something our family also believes in.

Is it enough that your kid is getting good grades in school to be considered intelligent?

Howard Gardner believed that it is more complex than that. The human person can be intelligent in many other ways, ways that are independent from each other and has each of their own strengths and constraints.

This is called Multiple Intelligence.

What is the real edge of Multiple Intelligence?

Multiple Intelligence is being intelligent/smart in more ways than one. Multiple intelligence exposes kids to new concepts and skills in multiple ways and allows them to demonstrate their understanding in multiple ways as well.


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  • “In your Own Way, Discovering and Encouraging Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences” by Dr. Thomas Armstrong and “Field Guide to Child Welfare” by J.S. Rycus/R.C. Hughes.
We Choose #MultipleIntelligence

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