Discover Your Gifts Among the #16MultipleIntelligences through Encycligent’s #DMIT

Since our son was conceived, my wife and I have always talked about our son’s education and his future. As committed future “home educators,” we believe that we have done our homework to make sure that what we will be choosing will maximize our son’s academic potential. While Jennie was a few months on the way, I remember her playing Mozart and making our son inside her womb listen to it. Despite the division of opinions among experts about the effect of classical music on babies even in utero, we tried it and took the chance since there were considerable studies that said that it can stimulate the brain in a way that helps educational and emotional development. Taking that chance just shows how serious and involved we are as parents with the education and development of our child.

Last week, our whole family got introduced to DMIT or the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test provided by Encycligent. The test shows the 16 multiple intelligences of a person and assessed through finger print scanning. We have always been curious about Multiple Intelligences and we cannot be more thrilled to have a full report on what our leanings are individually. Especially so that our son is manifesting a handful lot of interests and things that he is good at. It would be such a blessing to know what his dominant intelligences are.

16 multiple intelligences

Dermatoglyphics comes from two Greek words, “derma” which means skin and “glyph” which means carving, and it is the scientific study of fingerprints.

DMIT began in Taiwan in 1994. Professor Lin, a dedicated professor in Harvard University, studied and deeply analysed past research on Multiple Intelligence and the Dual-Brain Theory. His own study showed that each of a person’s 10 fingers coincide with his or her Multiple Intelligence, inborn talents and skills. Professor Lin revealed that if the fingerprints of a person are captured accurately and analysed correctly, the inborn Multiple Intelligences can be unlocked and focused on for development. Because of these discoveries, Encycligent declares that ‘every person can be a genius’!

Encycligent - relationship of brain to hand

My whole family was blessed to have the opportunity to try DMIT for ourselves. I, together with my wife and our son had our fingerprints scanned so we can determine our 16 Multiple Intelligences based on genetics, embryology, neuroscience, and dermatoglyphics. As we also learned about its value and benefits, we are looking forward to get hold of the results for each of us.

Aspacio family undergoes DMIT via Encycligent

One of the benefits for us as individuals is we’ll be able to know each of our inborn strengths and weaknesses. Based on a testimony of another blogger who got a DMIT for herself and her husband, the results also help in building “rules of engagement” for couples based on each other’s make up.

Another cause of excitement is for our child because we are very much curious about his uniqueness and inborn capabilities. The results of the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test can help us focus our time, energy and resources effectively for what works best for our son.

Encycligent is the first to introduce DMIT that provides data on 16 multiple intelligences of an individual that can be assessed using finger print scanning. My wife and I are thrilled to get first dibs on such innovative technology that might just give our son’s academic potential a big boost. For parents, it has the potential of taking off the bulk of the burden of playing the guessing game on where our son’s giftedness lies. Please stay tuned as we follow this post up with a report on how our family fared in the DMIT that we had last week.

Discover Your Gifts Among the #16MultipleIntelligences through Encycligent’s #DMIT

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