Construction Progress: First 2 Weeks

Technically, the second week is yet to arrive and that will be this coming Friday. Our family is very pleased with the progress of the construction of our second floor. On its first week, the cement was already poured over the balcony front. They worked on this first so that they have a place to work around on when they head on over and do the rest of the floor.

That’s the hubby  going up the roof to check on the overall progress.

Yesterday, just before I left for a client meeting, I took a photo of the frontage and was surprised to see that the wall is up! We are grateful that, so far, the construction progress is doing good. Our hope is that it will not take as long as 4 months as our contractor has estimated, given the number of people he hired.

We are still deliberating on whether we will use tiles or vinyl ones for the second floor. We have been browsing through Houzz, for interior decorating ideas. Even as we are working on a budget, we are still hoping to incorporate good designs that won’t have to cost us so much. Keeping maintenance in consideration. As we look through themes and interior ideas, we are surprised ourselves how little can go a long way. 🙂

Construction Progress: First 2 Weeks

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