Print for Less

There are many things to print at home especially if you have a kid. Printing pictures and some work sheets help them to learn. There are correspondences that you want to keep and have a hard copy of them. Sometimes, you want to print recipes and other stuff. You may also want to print direction when you are going some place that you are not familiar with. Of course, there are important documents that you want to keep a hard copy. And don’t forget, there are many online deals and coupons that you want to print so that you can use them in stores.

With the many things that you want and need to print, I am sure that you will spend quite a lot of money buying ink cartridges or ink toners. Obviously we don’t want to spend big amount of money that can dent our wallet for toners alone. That is why, I am telling you on how to reduce your printing cost and let you save money in your wallet and protect the environment too.

To reduce the amount of ink for your normal and everyday printing, you might consider switching your printer to use “Draft” mode. Draft mode will lessen the amount of ink that will be used in printing because the printer does not lay multiple layers of ink on the same space. The cartridge will make a single pass only and moves to the next line.

You can also reduct the “resolution” setting of your printer. Lower resolution means less toner to use though higher resolution has better quality. When a printer uses less toner, it will also print faster. Color cartridges are naturally pricier than the black. To save your color cartridge, you can set your printer to print everything in black and white or gray.

The most savings that you can take advantage of is to buy your ink toners and cartridges at Ink Technologies for they are a trusted source of premium discount printer ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges.

Print for Less

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