Home Clearing through the Holidays

Way before holidays are officially here, we have been transferring our stuff little by little at our folks’s place to make way for our humble home’s scheduled renovation slated right after the holidays are over. Forgive the crappy photos I practically just pasted here from my Instagram account. Zero time to take better photos using a digital camera.

We have used the helpers’s quarters of our parents’s place to store three of our bookshelves, books and a handful of our personal effects.

Can I just say, that despite our holidays being crazy busy, this boy’s eagerness to help makes it all easier than it is. Jed has always been very handy around the house. He started fetching drinking water using glass bottles at that, from the dispenser to the fridge when he was two years old. Not a single bottle broken since. Around the same age when he started helping sort the clothes for laundry. Now that he’s seven, he does the dishes when asked. Not that we dream of nurturing a houseboy. His willingness to do these household tasks is teaching him responsibility in his early age.  He even insisted on helping to transfer his bunk bed himself. But since that was not possible. We just have him carry the litter stuff. He’s overly thrilled to have the second floor of our house built!

What we have done so far is empty out this little guy’s room. We still have the rest of our home’s room cleared out. We still have a long way to go. But the plan is to get there before the renovation officially begins.

Home Clearing through the Holidays

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