My Macbook Pro Anniversary Gift

“Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:7

Before I go right on our blogging hiatus for Christmas, allow me to just share one of hubby’s many anniversary gifts for me this year. To think that this is the lowest we have been in a long time financially, it did not become a stumbling block for us not to feel God’s favor upon us. My genius of a husband has won a few bloggers challenges in the past. But this by far is one of the more fabulous ones! And he meant to gift me the winning, in case he wins!  I have the sweetest and dearest husband in the whole wide world!

With a year old laptop that ceases to cooperate with my working habits and refuses to withstand my working demand for it to be on 24/7, it began conking out on me for several months already. What timing could be more perfect?! And if there is one other person who is more thrilled than me, that would be our son Jed, who recently declared himself to be Jeffrey Junior. Jed even named my Macbook Pro, MB. 🙂


And if you are curious enough to know what Jeff’s winning entry is, the above music clip will be it! And he did that in one sitting! A few hours. Our friends and I have been kidding him that he really ought to cash in on his talent and compose campaign jingles for running politicians for the upcoming elections. If you guys know of anyone campaigning in need of a jingle writer, feel free to inbox us anytime. 🙂

So far, after having been a Windows user practically since computers where still running in MS-DOS system, I am still to this day figuring out my very fast and reliable Macbook Pro. Since I still cannot find a batch watermarking freeware for Macbook, I still have to do that and some other tasks on the hubby’s laptop. Everything else considered, this Macbook Pro is a monster of a computer machine that has made life easier for me and the work I need done in my online job.  As our son would have it, “MB is the neatest thing that Mama received for her anniversary present!” 🙂

My Macbook Pro Anniversary Gift

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