Celebrating 5 years in our own home

Living across the city from our church family can be difficult sometimes. Our family lives in Rizal and our church is located in Makati City. We did try to rent in two different apartments in Makati. We moved to Pembo in 2004. Then, Comembo in 2005. But raising up a child, we had to consider the environment we were going to expose our child to. With the rent budget that we had, we actually can have our own house built and can pay for the monthly amortization for only five hundred more, in a healthier environment than the one we can afford to pay for in Makati.

By environment, I meant that in the two years we were in Makati, we saw enough of the drinking sprees happening in just about every block. Some of which sometimes start as early as noon and end in the wee hours in the morning. I was told by our former landlady herself that we have drug addicts for neighbors. My husband and I had to pray for wisdom and direction. It was not too long when God gave us just that. It was such a blessing that we were able to move to our own place in 2007. Though distant from our church family, we were able to make do and God has sustained us.

our home

For those who are newly married or are yet planning to get married, renting to own, even the ones on mortgage is always a good consideration. Before my husband and I got married, the idealists in us wanted to have our own place first. But it did not come about until our 5th year of marriage. We have 9 years to go until we’re done paying for our house. And because the monthly amortization isn’t much, it really feels like we’re just renting.

The above photo collage were of our then brand new home in 2007. Our home does not look as nice as it was. In fact, repairs are needed here and there and some portions are in need of replacement especially after being devastated by Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) in 2009.  There are a handful more benefits of having your own home as opposed to renting. But it essentially boils down to the husband and wife coming together in a wise and agreed decision. It always pays to factor in all bases, including the financial aspect before a couple buys their own home.

Celebrating 5 years in our own home

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