The Big Reveal: ‘Nay Gising! The Dirtiest Item in Your Household

And for the big reveal, the answer to the poll I posted last week — “from amongst all these items in your house, which is the dirtiest?

1.toilet seat cover
2. dirty socks
3. toilet bowl rim and sides
4. living room floor
5. trash bin cover
6. bar solution (used laundry soap + sponge + water)

bar solution (used laundry soap + sponge + water)

I honestly would have answered toilet bowl rim and sides, any day. But experts from Philippine Society for Microbiology (PSM) themselves revealed the shocking truth behind dishwashing bar solutions.

Survey Results


Dr. Jessica Simbahan of PSM introduced the luminometer  or the Germ Meter that measures the level of contaminants in the specific commonly percevied dirty household items. Revealing the consistency of bar solutions to have the highest contaminants present. PSM President Dr. Supachai Basit added, “A dishwashing bar solution is a breeding ground for contaminants, including bacteria and other types of germs. This is especially true if the laundry bar is left exposed for many hours and the dishwashing sponge is constantly wet.”

Joy Antibac with Power of Safeguard

The PSM advises that households altogether drop the use of dishwashing bar solutions to keep the family protected from germs.  You’re actually cleaning with when we use dishwashing bar solutions. Imagine cleaning those plates with dirty socks! PSM also recommended the only trusted dishwashing liquid accepted by the Philippine Society for Microbiology, the new Joy Antibac with Power of Safeguard.

Out of a total of 95 entries, only 52 answers were correct. Marriage and Beyond’s “Dirtiest Item in Your Household Poll” winner  is Rachel Caparas, drawn via

The Big Reveal: ‘Nay Gising! The Dirtiest Item in Your Household

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