The Search For The New Teen Azkals U17-19

One of the few things my husband is very passionate about is Soccer. His love for the sport started way back his grade school years in Marist. I have seen him play and he is a very good team player. He used to be a member of Marikina United and competed in a few competitions.  He knows his way around the field and definitely can score a goal when given the chance. But this post is not really about him being a good soccer player. But more of Azkals, our National Team that he is closely following. He would watch the team’s games when he is able.

The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) is currently in search for the New Teen Azkals U17-19. Teen Azkals (PFF U17-19) Team Manager Alvin Carranza and PFF Technical Coach Director Jose Ariston Caslib shared the vision and plans for sustaining the current success of the Men’s National Football Team.  Jeff was really  thrilled when Football started becoming more popular in the country. He has also been searching for a football clinic where our son will regularly attend. That LA Galaxy Football Clinic that our son attended last December just won’t do.

During the press conference, Jeff was able to ask Coach Aris Caslib a few questions, including how the Philippine team is getting the support it needs to be able to sustain and train the children who are eyed as the next generation for our national team. Coach Aris discussed the PFF’s grassroots level training plans, continuous development of coaches and the thrust to organize competitions from the club level to the younger age groups which are all part of the plan to develop competitive national youth teams for the Philippines. Jeff is particularly interested in training to coach children ages 6-12 years old. I’m really excited for him. He regularly trains our own son with the basics during his free time.

Jeff with Coach Aris Caslib and Azkals Team Manager Alvin Carranza

The Search for Teen Azkals  U17-19 team is now on. There will be two major events that will commence to gather up of the Teen Azkals U17-19 Team.  First is the NCR Selection, which will be held on July 7 & 8, 2012 at the University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City and second, the Philippine Team Selection on August 4-12, 2012 at the San Carlos City, Negros Occidental Football Grounds. Invitation is open to Filipinos in the country or around the world.

For more information on how to join the Teen Azkals and support them, please visit and like the Teen Azkals Facebook Page.

The Search For The New Teen Azkals U17-19

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