All set for Jed’s 7th birthday celebration

In less than a week, our 4’2″ tall and 80 pound heavy little man is turning 7 years old! A lot has happened since 2012 stepped in. But more than the not so good things that came our way, blessings have overflown and still is. God is faithful!

We have arranged for Jed’s birthday celebration months ahead and everything is set. Friends have offered their services for free! Jed’s photobooth is courtesy of his Ninong Montsch and Tita Iris of Krazy Pix and Leodini’s special appearance is sponsored by his Ninong Ted and Tita Rose! Just recently Tita Annette, Tita Iris’ mom and Dojie offered to take care of the balloon arrangement. And friendship discount for our son’s birthday cake by Ph Bakehouse by Iris.  How sweet can people be? Our family is beyond blessed!

We are doing the party in a spacious fast food place. The package we got includes the host and practically everything else. I don’t have to bother with the sound system,  even the buffet arrangements. But we will use our own music. We will post photos next week of our son’s 7th birthday celebration. 🙂

All set for Jed’s 7th birthday celebration

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