Our Hongkong Disneyland Tour

When we bought our tickets in December 2010 for our December 2011 travel, we really were eyeing to get a booking at Hongkong Disneyland Hotel. After months of trying to no avail, we thought, we’ll have to settle for another hotel since there were no more rooms available on our travel dates.

Traveling to Hongkong Disneyland, Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island from Kowloon was only a cab away. During that time, we still haven’t figured out just yet how to get around via mtr, so we took a cab. With a flag down of HK$20, we paid a total of HK$240 from West Hotel in Kowloon.

We saw this Hongkong Disneyland Directory before we headed to the ticket booth and figured it can’t be that hard.

We bought our train tickets right there so we won’t have to line up later that day on our way home.

Hongkong Disneyland Tickets are sold for HK$399 for General Admission  and HK$285 for kids aged 3-11. We paid a total of HK$1,083 for our Hongkong Disneyland Tour. One day was not enough. We had to call it a day around 7pm because we were pretty tired from all the walking. Hongkong Disneyland is too huge a place to tour in just a day. We missed a handful of rides. This is probably why there was an option to buy  a 2-day ticket. 2-Day Tickets are valid on any 2 days within a 7-day period, except some designated days.

photo op in front of the majestic Mickey Mouse mansion before the jump.

Hongkong Disneyland is the first place we went to in Hongkong where Chinese spoke good english and we did not have to use sign language to get our message across. I just realized that now. Just saying.

Our little guy attempting to drive the double decker Omnibus.

As photo heavy as this post already is, believe me when I say I haven’t even started yet. We prolly took a million thousand photos and some during that tour alone. This is also why it took me more than a month to do this post. The photos are overwhelmingly plenty that it’s hard to choose which ones to post.

The very first building we went in was the Opera House, which showcases Art Animations, Preview Gallery. Our little guy was in awe. He went from one exhibit to the next. Read excerpts and captions. He saw how the movies that he love are made.  He stared at these cars from the Cars movie for a bit before heading on the Toy Story Carousel.

Toy Story Carousel

Us three, armed with 3D glasses, waiting to get in to watch Mickey’s PhilharMagic Orchestra

Photo op with Tinkerbell

Jungle River Cruise

It was a good thing that we chose the middle seat inside the boat for the Jungle River Cruise. The people who got mostly sprayed on by the  “animals” in the jungle were the ones seated at the sides of the boat.

a collage of  some of the photos we took during the Jungle River Cruise

Similar to Enchanted Kingdom’s Anchors Away is Hongkong Disneyland’s RC Racer

which of course, only the hubby was brave enough to ride. Haha!  He’s that sole person on the far left with raised arms.



Toy Story Land

Photo op with Woody and Jessie of Toy Story

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Because I don’t exactly fancy heights,  I had the boys do their thing up there as I take photos.  The Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin alone got me really dizzy and nauseated. I’d have to say though it is no fun waiting for so long. It was prolly more than a thirty minute wait for a couple minute ride.  That’s Disneyland for us, folks! Waiting in line for rides was what ate up a whole chunk of our time right there.  This is why a  2-day tour is really more practical if you want to experience the whole Disneyland ride.

For some reason, my husband managed to drag us to line up for the Space Mountain ride! By the time we saw the warning about sharp turns and all that,  it was too late to back out. It was the craziest ride ever! I thought it was never going to end! Our 6 year old was crying at the end of the ride and got really mad at his father! While I was on the verge of throwing up when the ride was done.  Yes, I’m no fun at all when it comes to these kinds of rides. But then again, now that I survived Space Mountain, I think I can do it again on our next Disneyland visit. 😉

Flights of Fantasy Parade

Our son’s favorite attraction is Autopia from Tomorrow Land.

And what do you know, my 6 year old drove for me for the first time! He had soooo much fun that he wanted to do it all over again. But that would mean we would have to line up again a good 45 minutes more. The line just swelled after our ride.  So next time it is.

Photo op with Buzz Lightyear taken before we rode the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, which was also one of Jed’s favorites.  Lines were long too even for photo ops like this. So we only lined up to those that weren’t ridiculously long. So that meant, we had to pass up on Mickey and Minnie’s.

One more shot before we call it a day — at Tomorrowland.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Hong Kong’s Sleeping Beauty Castle is a carbon copy of its sibling in the US, based on the late-19th century Neuschwanstein Castle. The rooftops of the Hong Kong’s castle use a dark shade of blue while the US uses a lighter blue shade so the US rooftops can be seen more ‘shiny’ because it causes the reflection of sunlight, the same thing happens to the pink walls, in Hong Kong, the castle looks more medieval because Hong Kong Disneyland’s castle uses more pink than the US, the accents and cornice of the Hong Kong castle is more’ white and pink’ while the US uses more golden accents, cornice and decorations so the US looks more fairytale while day time. The Hong Kong castle is surrounded by less trees than the US’s so fireworks view from the plaza to the castle in Hong Kong is wider while the other view was blocked by tall trees. (Source: Wikipedia)

Main Street

At the end of Main Street was this huge well-lit Christmas tree. And that’s where we had our last family photo in Hongkong Disneyland.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed our Hongkong Disneyland tour and we agreed to have a 2 day tour on our next visit, which won’t be very soon since we have plotted out our 2012 itineraries as early as December 2011. Our little guy is thrilled to gear up for his first winter vacation. I’m kinda sorta having second thoughts about it. We left Hongkong at 10°C and I was extremely cold. I’m not sure how I’ll survive a negative degree temperature. But that aside, we are pretty excited to spend our 11th anniversary on our first winter.

Hongkong Disneyland
Address:  Park Promenade, Lantau Island,Hong Kong
Contact Nos. +86 852-1830830
Operating Hours: 10am-8pm Sunday to Thursday; Open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday
Directions: MTR Disneyland Resort Line – Disneyland Resort Station (transfer from Sunny Bay Station on Tung Chung Line)

Our Hongkong Disneyland Tour
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