Our Visit to Hongkong Science Museum

No, we did not do a yearender post last month and yes, I’m on to continue with a few more posts on our Hongkong travel. Particularly the fun, fun time we had at the Hongkong Science Museum.  Gone are the days when I felt compelled to blog and had our sites pressure me from updating. Yes, even an inanimate object can do just that. It was essentially because blogging was a source of our family income. Now that I’m getting to it at my own sweet pace, we could not be more grateful. It’s way chill to afford do this now and not have my sites pull me away from the very things, or people for that matter, that really count.

As soon as we got settled at our sanctuary in Kowloon,  we figured we still had time to visit the Hongkong Science Museum.  So off we went. From the hotel, we took a cab to the museum. The fare was around HK$30.

Tickets were at HK$25 each for adults and half the price for children, HK$12.50

We were welcomed by floors upon floors of exhibits and contraptions such as these! Totally a geek’s paradise! My son was in awe as he went from one contraption to the next.   The fascination was all over his face as he saw the very things he’s been reading about in his Science Library at home. A whole day is not enough to thoroughly enjoy each and every exhibit. It was funny how we went from agreeing to have to leave the place already out of exhaustion but finding ourselves tinkering with yet another contraption. For sure, it was not just our 6 year old who got hooked in Hongkong Science Museum. It was a place, even us adults (the hubby and me), will never get enough of.

Allow us to share a few more photos:

Our son is working on the proper direction of the batteries to make the appliance work.

Our 6 year old on a forklift

Science News Corner

A driving simulation got our kiddo really thrilled. The stationary car gives the driver the instructions on what to do, how to avoid accidents and even how to save fuel.

Here’s the photo the hubby took while I was busy making bubbles! Fun!

Another driving simulation using a real, stationary car.

Tricky Triangles.  Jeff made use of this puzzle and a couple more from this department in our recent Ministry Leaders Retreat and Team Building.

Fooling around in the Concave Mirror Room

Mirror of Invisibility

Square Kaleidoscope

After roaming around the first two floors of the Hongkong Science Museum, we thought we could make use of some refueling at the Museum Coffee Corner, which is located at the Hongkong Museum of History, right smack across the Hongkong Science Museum Building.

We got for ourselves some potato and egg salad, pasta and potato wedges, iced tea and lemonade for HK$126. Ice on your drinks costs HK$2/cup. All of which were not spectacular and we hardly finished.   It might have been better if we walked a few more blocks and find ourselves a dimsum place to eat in instead.

We went right back to the Science Museum after our snack to roam an hour more. After a while, we got really tired from the lack of sleep, the flight and all the walking around we have done in all three floors of the grandiose of the Hongkong Science Museum. We missed quite a few more exhibition halls.  Despite not being able to visit every nook and cranny, we were pretty exhausted and are ready to call it a day in our Kowloon crib. Never mind if it’s nowhere near as pretty as the apartments in Boston. We were all too ready for slumberland!  We are totally going back for more the next time we visit Hongkong. What we love most about Hongkong Science Museum is that probably around 80% of the exhibits are participatory. Being able to make use of the maximum number of senses for every exhibit makes for a more involved experience. As homeschoolers, this is the most exciting field trip that we have done to date!

How to get to Hongkong Science Museum by MTR:
– Around 18-minute walk along Cameron Road from B2 Exit of Tsim Sha Tsui Station towards the direction of Tsim Sha Tsui East.
– Around 20-minute walk along Austin Road from D Exit of Jordan Station towards the direction of Tsim Sha Tsui East.
– Around 15-minute walk along the footbridge from Hung Hom MTR Station towards the direction of Tsim Sha Tsui East.

Hongkong Science Museum
Address: 2 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 2732 3232
Fax : 2311 2248
Email : enquiries@hk.science.museum

Hongkong Science Museum’s Opening Hours:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays : 1pm – 9pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays : 10am – 9pm

Closed on Thursdays (except Public Holidays) and the first two days of the Lunar New Year
Closed at 5pm on Christmas Eve and Lunar New Year’s Eve

Our Visit to Hongkong Science Museum

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