Parents, don’t allow your kids on

Here is a website that is currently making waves and parents should be made aware of – Yesterday was the first time I visited the site and it surely gave me the creeps! All one has to do was head over the site, choose between text or video chatting and you are basically hooked up with a stranger online.

While we teach our children not to talk to strangers, here is a website that just about encourages to do the opposite. We definitely have to block this from the computers in our households.  I just had to put aside the articles I’m working on  a beauty review post just to get this word out about this chat site.  While people who are killing time might actually find it entertaining, it is almost certain that is one place where questionable individuals, perverts, even pedophiles can easily lurk in and take their prey from and no parent would want that for their children.

Parents, don’t allow your kids on

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