Choosing to move on after being scammed

Yes, that is right. I got scammed by a certain Chinese woman from Harvard University. Fellow virtual assistants, beware of this outsourcer who will sweet talk you into doing a job for her and keep on delaying payments, agrees with you on terms and conditions initially. Then gets back at you during pay up time with the words “I have gone over budget for this project.” I just altogther told her to keep the $162 dollars to herself. Not because I don’t need the money. I’m doing my virtual assistant job precisely because we need the pay that I receive to help supplement the family income. I write random articles from beauty product reviews to every possible topic in my paid to blog job. The excuses she has been giving me have gone beyond ridiculous.

I give my best everytime I do my job and the insult that she has done to me has gone beyond tolerable. I guess this is the risk we have to take as virtual assistants. Since we are normally paid after a week or so after we have rendered our service, we really have no assurance that the buyer/client will pay up. I rest on the knowledge that each one of us will have to give account for whatever we do. I have done my part in good faith and she has withheld from me what is due mine.

The Lord has always been faithful and I refuse to be put down by this person. I have chosen to let the “Chinese woman” remain anonymous for now. I could get the word out if I want and throw her name like a bomb all over the blogosphere, even report her to Harvard. Because she is clearly giving the institution a bad name, but I won’t. God will know what to do. He knows my heart, intentions and I pray that if that Chinese woman was just too frazzled that time she was dealing with me, that she gets to her senses and will not victimize another virtual assistant again. What we reap, we sow.

Choosing to move on after being scammed

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