Family Day: Monday

Our family day always fall on Mondays. We all slept in and called it our day off. We headed back to bed after breakfast. Father and son “Lego bonding,” while I finished a couple of chapters of Patsy Clairmont’s Kaleidoscope. Which by the way, I am going to post a review on real soon. 😉

We left the house to hit the supermarket – the pantry needs to be replenished. I have been doing the grocery shopping by myself recently. But we figured we can all go together, even as the little guy requested to go visit the mall and play in one of the kids places there. Anyway, I was also due for follow up with the in house Dermatologist of Flawless who I saw last Saturday, in the same mall.  The malls have really made things pretty convenient for consumers and I love how we save on gas just because everything is in one place already.

Before I headed to Flawless, my boys and I had our late lunch at Burgoo after grocery shopping. Jeff has been craving for Gambas lately and that’s what he ordered.

Burgoo’s Gambas, P295

my boys, J & j

Margherita Pizza, P295

And because I was Sandy’s Margherita Pizza craving, I just had to try the closest I was to getting one. Burgoo’s Margherita pizza was so-s0. Definitely did not compare an inch to Sandy’s Pizza’s. I was plain dissatisfied. I guess that’s the trouble with having the best for a benchmark.  I miss Sandy’s Pizza. Unfortunately, the few times we went by the Katipunan branch, they were always packed. And then we tried to check out recently and the store wasn’t there anymore. I’m not sure if they transferred to another place.

Our little guy ordered Chicken Teriyaki, P295. I took a picture of it, but it’s not share worthy. It’s that platter in the middle in the photo with my boys in it. The trouble with having a dslr is it’s weight. After a while, you get rather lazy having to lug around with one. I took photos using Jeff’s Canon Powershot A3100 IS. We have been eating around lately. But we really are trying to eat “healthier” these days. This is just one of the not so healthy eats we’ve had lately. We really have to watch it. Aside from Jeff having some nape discomfort (which I heard can be a symptom of cholesterol/blood pressure problem). And I recently just changed wardrobes too. So that means I have to keep at this weight, else I’d have to move another notch bigger. Which I honestly cannot afford for now. After three decades of shifting from XS to S, it can be said that I’m definitely an M now. On that note, I’m recently into growing and juicing wheatgrass. I’m writing a post about it in the coming days. 🙂

We had a real fun family day today. And judging from the little guy heading off to dreamland as early as 7p.m., he did have a blast himself. Here’s looking forward to our family’s getaway to KL in a few months. It’s long overdue, I know. The plan is to have an undisturbed quality time with my boys.  🙂

Family Day: Monday

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