, The Complete E-Commerce Solution

The hubby and I were able to attend the launch of SMilDS Connect last week. It was an interesting introduction to a very promising business software solution that will prove to be very convenient for online enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Here’s to give you a glimpse of what this complete E-Commerce solution is all about.

Kikay Corner has been selling organic thanakha online for close to a year now and the launch of SMilDS could not have been more timely because I have plans to switch to a dedicated online store from its current state of being a mere page in my beauty blog.

It is a privilege to be one of the 50 bloggers who were handpicked to be the Beta Testers of of E-Commerce Platform. As pilot users we were essentially labeled as co-founder of this innovative E-Commerce solution which is not yet very popular in our country. I was recently emailed by their team and was given the back office details that I need to access my very own online store. I am now on my way to tweaking my online store. Watch out for its official launch soon!

Setting up the online store is relatively easy. After filling out the profile, modifying your webstore according to your taste is also a breeze. The E-Commerse software starter kit that worth P25,000 enables me to upload 50 products of my choice. is an innovative and easiest solution for you to be part of global trend by transforming traditional business into a borderless e-trading platform. We call this platform the social e-commerce, the social e-commerce platform that features not only a complete e-commerce tools you need, but also a business intelligent trading engine. is also a platform with a low entry barrier for SMEs in Asia, designed and glocalized with simplicity and user-friendly to suit all demands from non-IT to IT savvies.’s partial list of services:

Webstore Design provides services to our merchants in maintaining their webstore. We help to customize the entire design of your web-store according to your preferences. Apart from that we help to draft and script your web contents to suit the ever changing business trend.

Product Listing
Our team of expertise will help you upload your product listing if you face any difficulties in doing so. Aside from that, we offer modeling and video promoting services that can help promote your products.

The SMilDS is our huge traffic generator, where you can place your advertisements and promotion banners to draw traffic to your store. We also welcome you t participate in our events such as sponsoring our carnival sales or lucky draws to generate traffic. You can also engage our e-promo newsletter crew to promote your best bargained products to the public as well as your potential buyers.

Sales Cycle
SMilDS Customer Care team will monitor the ordering process, provide logistic and fulfillment support as well as to track and monitor the payment transactions.

On-going Learning
SMilDS University is formed to encourage you to know e-commerce, cultivate your entrepreneur spirit and enhance your knowledge on business and marketing strategies.

Professional Support Team
SMilDS Customer Care, a team of experts in technical support and world-class customer service, is ready to support all inquiries from our buyers and merchants, from A to Z.

Aside from all that, I love that the protect both the buyer and seller by monitoring the shipment in real time. I cannot help but think about all those multiply sellers and how they will benefit from the convenience of this E-Commerce solution. I will tell you what, don’t just take my word for it. You might want to test this out by purchasing a merchandise or two from my soon to open online store and see the difference will make from your usual online shopping., The Complete E-Commerce Solution

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