Our son’s newest chore


It has been a while since I last wrote about our little guy and some of his milestones. Most of those that are academic related can be found in ChristianHomeschooler.info.

Jed fetching water for Mama. This was a couple of weeks after Ondoy struck. Explaining why Jed isn’t wearing shorts and the kitchen still in disarray. Most clothes are still in the laundry shop. Don’t worry, I asked permission if I could share this photo and he readily said okay. I will have to wait until he grows up, though. I might have to take the photos down when he changes his mind. 😛

Something that I have been meaning to share is his being even more helpful around the house. Right from when he was two years old, he already insisted on helping me with the laundry – sorting and handing me the clothes hanger. He would volunteer himself for every possible task that he thinks he can help me with. As much as I could make use of help, really, there is no way a three year old be able to do anything major.

Our little guy lining up the bottles of water as I make kefir shake on the side. 🙂

I figured what I can do is assist him through chores that I think could be age appropriate. Like folding clean clothes together. Although it is way easier for me to just do everything, than have him help. Because I end up refolding everything he’s done with all over again anyway. But I have to help him through. I don’t want to kill his eagerness to do these things. We don’t do it as often now though, my weekend helper does the job for us.

There are two things that our son is now an expert at, at age four: Packing away his toys and his newest chore, “fetching water for mama.” (that’s what he calls it) Packing away his toys is not really a big deal to him. He has been taught since he was barely one. But like all toddlers with all the extra energy, he sometimes forget. Like when I get too glued on my office work and unconsciously allow him an hour more than his usual time in front of the lcd monitor. Whenever I forget to remind him that he is only allowed up to a certain time, the possibility of tantrums set in. But since we have a prior deal about it, all I really need to do is remind him and he’s back to his normal self again.

The last quarter of 2009, I finally allowed him to fetch water from the water dispenser. Although we have a hot and cold water dispenser, we don’t usually make use of it. We have the fridge to do that job, unless we have company. I did not like the idea of him fetching water. First, because the glass bottle can be heavy when it’s filled with water. Second, the possibility of spillage and the glass slipping off his hands are not pretty. But when I did allow him with caution, he never has had any problem since. He has been doing this for three months now. He has practically owned the chore and would go, “Mama, I am happy to fetch water for you.” I do not even have to ask him to do it, he would see the empty bottles lined up on the kitchen counter and will go, “I think somebody will fetch water for Mama,” and he will go right down to his business.  Lately, Jed is fond of saying statements in the third person.

Having no previous experience at parenting, I am learning through the years, days even. And I Iove that while I’m at it, I also learn from my son. Like when he does his chores just like he’s playing. His eager heart and lively spirit encourage me to take it easy even in the busiest and craziest of days. 😀

Our son’s newest chore

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