Passport Renewal via Pilipinas Teleserv

I knew I just had to blog about it when I found out for myself how easy passport renewal is done via Pilipinas Teleserv. We are scheduled to fly to Malaysia this year and we knew we had to get this done as soon as we were able. My mom who has used Pilipinas Teleserv in the travels that she has done in the last couple of years, was the one who gave me the number to call,  (02)737-1000.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was not so hard to access the Pilipinas Teleserv hotline. What I hate about processing documents through the government is having to go through all its hassles. I did not have to endure it this time. I think it helped a lot that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has partnered with third party companies like Pilipinas Teleserv and 2GO courier service.

When I called the hotline the first time, I was told the things to take care of for both passport renewal and first time passport application. I need my passport renewed, while I have to apply a brand new one for my 4 year old son.  Too bad, the hubby cannot avail of Pilipinas Teleserv’s services because he lost his old passport and has got to apply directly, the old school way.

Here are the requirements for passport renewal and first time passport application for a minor:

Passport Renewal Requirements

  • Old passport
  • Photocopies of pages 1 to 4 and last page of old passport
  • 3 copies passport sized pictures with royal blue background (no jewelry, wear something that is plain dark with collar)
  • P1,300 processing fee

Passport Application Requirements (Minor)

  • Original birth certificate (NSO copy)
  • Photocopy of parent’s or guardian’s passport (page 1)
  • 3 copies passport sized pictures
  • P1,300 processing fee

When I have gathered all the necessary requirements, all I had to do was call Pilipinas Teleserv again and schedule for pick up. When I did call, the pick up was scheduled the day after. I was told by the agent that I need to call Pilipinas Telesev again after two days to confirm my personal appearance that is already scheduled three days after pick up. I was told that my son, being a minor need not come for the personal appearance. I will be the one to do this in his behalf. I am more pleased that I did not have to stay more than 10 minutes in DFA for the personal appearance. I almost could not believe how quick it took. Pilipinas Teleserv has a dedicated corner in the DFA office where we were asked to sit down for a bit. I was then told to go to the window when my name is called. And when I came to the window all I had to do is check out the fields that were filled out for us (computerized) for correction and write my signature for both my form and my son’s.

We received our passports (together with my old one that I had to submit) exactly twelve (12) days after my personal appearance. It was delivered right to our home. Needless to say, I was impressed. I never thought it was that easy. It only took exactly 15 days (including weekends) for Pilipinas Teleserv to process the whole thing, from the pick up of the needed requirements to the delivery of my renewed and my son’s brand new passport.

Pilipinas Teleserv

Passport Renewal via Pilipinas Teleserv

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    please i need to renew my passport


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