Marriage and Beyond is turning 2 soon! is to turn two in a few weeks time. With this in mind, I was reminded to once again back up all my files, not that I expect the same nightmare happening with our current web host. It is just something that we have got to get used to doing on a regular basis.

As we turn two years old, we hope to be more wise as we hope to have this site progress by existing for its purpose. I am slowly getting a hold of some technicalities, but still not much. A more interesting discovery is that this site has generated sitelinks via Google. I first did not know what that meant and I haven’t fully figured it out yet. But one thing for sure is that we’re doing something good and Marriage and Beyond’s articles are of value.

It might seem easy, but maintaining several websites is not exactly a walk in the park. Although I certainly hope it was! Backup should be done every so often aside from making sure of my computer protection. It has been more than five years since I started blogging but I am still not very confident when it comes to tweaking my sites. It’s probably because I have the hubby to figure that out for me. We recently just shifted to another security protection software that allows full disk encryption, making everything safer. All this encryption stuff all sounded Greek to me before, but I now understand how necessary files should undergo encryption for better protection.

Meanwhile, we hope to excite our dear readers for an upcoming contest we will hold very soon. We know we should have gathered sponsors earlier, now it just might be too late for us to do that, unless someone would be quick to leave us a message and express their interest in sponsorship.

Marriage and Beyond is turning 2 soon!

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