Christian Homeschooler is now live!

My homeschool blog, is now live! I have been asking Jeff for a good one month, to find me good combining words for a homeschool blog. I went to check with AdWords and believe me, I still can’t seem to figure out how they work. It wasn’t until I sat the hubby down and worked on his laptop last Tuesday night, did he get to focus to finally get me a the perfect name for a homeschool blog. 

This is actually a sweet distraction from the still many things we have to take care of after what Ondoy has brought us. A couple of months since and we are still on our way to getting a few documents we need replaced. After turning the house around and finding term life insurance quotes alongside other important documents displaced and misplaced by the flood waters, we are getting each one replaced one at a time. The local government can be frustrating when it comes to these things.  It takes a lot of time and effort.

I will be promoting the Christian Homeschooler blog very soon. 😀

Christian Homeschooler is now live!

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