A Brand New Domain for Moi

I don’t know about you, but I do get this endorphin high whenever I claim a brand new domain.  Could this be a symptom common to all probloggers?  The brand new blog is the oldest I have had in Blogger. I recently migrated all contents of my original online journal to


For those who have formerly exchanged links with jenaspacio.blogspot.com, here I am asking for a favor to change the URL from your respective sites to www.jenaspacio.com.  All my other web pages are niched ones.  Understandably, I cannot just about pour anything random whenever I write.  The most personal that I could get is via this blog, Marriage and Beyond.  I love that I have my name in my domain this time.  I am a little behind, I know.  A lot of other bloggers claimed their first domain with their names in it.  In this aspect, I am a very late bloomer.  The plan is for me to be able to pour my heart out in that blog.

I decided to stick with its original blog title, so it goes…

What’s in the title? It sounds pretty ordinary right?  But having no other title in mind when I was trying to think of a nice one in 2004, for my multiply site, I just figured that it will be about my life.  Each day comes and goes.  I will journal things in my life.  Blessings and otherwise. The way I spend it, whether with regret or fulfillment, it will go whether I like it or not.  Not the most profound, I know. But it does make sense, right?  so it goes…

Hope you could visit my brand new site and maybe leave a line or two. 😀

A Brand New Domain for Moi

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