On Balance, Quality and Being a Superwoman

I officially got back to my 12 hour schedule in doing online tasks since early last week. It has been a while since my schedule dove down to 8 hours a day. So that only means two things: business is picking up and my health might be on the line again. Balance is the key. I have since learned this when I was too keen on taking up a lot of tasks than my body could actually handle. It was when my resistance went down to its all time low last year. Now I know better. Risking my health only means risking my family’s as well. In fact, I turned in earlier than usual last night — before midnight struck.

Free time is not something I usually get my hands on whenever I fancy. Especially now that I will soon get down to a rigid schedule when I start homeschooling our little guy when June comes. It would possibly mean that I would have practically zero time to do other things like watching my favorite tv series. It would be sweet if we have something like Time Warner Digital. I will be able to record favorite tv programs (which are not plenty) and watch them when I’m free. Simply because I cannot have the program’s time slot (even that of my favorite ones) enslave me and get me off my schedule. Their Time Warner Digital Cable bundle offer will be the most convenient. One bill for all three services: high speed internet, Time Warner Digital Phone and cable services.

Honestly, I literally hear the clock ticking on me. I would like to think that I am given as much task as I could handle now, because I would have no choice but to slow down when I start Jed with homeschool. As much as I am very thrilled for our son to start with school, I cannot help but wonder how I could keep off my laptop and attempt to juggle home school and work. Quality will be the one word that will keep me. Besides, I will have all the time from after lunch onwards to juggle my online tasks and house chores. That will be the time when superwoman will try to be better at what she has been doing all along. 😉

On Balance, Quality and Being a Superwoman

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