Spending Quality Time with Your Spouse

A busy schedule has the ability to rob us away of more important things that matter, like spending quality time with your spouse. Life can be pretty toxic, that is true. But whenever I find myself overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the reason is almost always that I did not take the time out to be alone with the Lord. My personal devotion is so important that the absence of which just about defines what my day ahead will be for me. It is often impossible to tweak our circumstance, but our attitude towards whatever will come our way will be up to us to control.

Spending quality time with the hubby is as important as having my personal devotion. We call it “couch time.” As we both work during the day, pressures coming from everywhere, it is easy to be disconnected with your spouse if there is no quality time spent together. It is not surprising that a lot of couples fall into the “falling out of love” trap. The lack of quality time spent together is always the culprit. My primary love language being Quality Time, I get cranky toward the hubby whenever we don’t spend time. Sometimes I even find myself wondering why I get cranky and later things will point towards the lack of time we spend together as the reason. Jeff knows me so well that he figures this out before I even get crankier. (lol) One of the things we enjoy doing at least once a week is watching episodes of our favorite tv series.


Last week, the hubby and I had no choice but to reluctantly say goodbye to three of our favorite tv series, the staples of our after couch time moments. It really looks like it is the end for Prisonbreak. We know it is going to be a while before the next season of 24 and Heroes will be back. It would be sweet if we have similar like that of dish network deals where we could choose a spin off from all of our three favorite tv series that recently said goodbye to us, all at the same time.

After terminating our subscription with our cable provider last year, we refuse to have anything less than what special dish network offers. I know it is pretty high standard. But why would we settle for anything less when, it will just cause us unnecessary headaches like what our former provider gave us. So unless there will be a local company that has similar offers like the dish network, the dvd reruns will have to suffice.

As of late, we have watched the first few episodes of Chuck and we are amused. Our friend, Frances won’t stop raving about it and I got curious. The series can be crazy hilarious and very entertaining. We are beginning to love it. A major shift from the heavier episodes of the former ones we got used to. I so love spending time with Jeff. I especially love it when we pour our hearts out to each other. It takes us back to where we started off. The dynamics of a family can be complex. Life itself is. But zeroing in on the essentials (like spending quality time with your spouse), make every waking moment a joy to behold.

Spending Quality Time with Your Spouse

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