Woes of a Future Homeschooling Mom

Less than two months. That’s practically all I have left to decide how we are going to go about our homeschooling set up here at home. The major things that takes up my schedule is the number of hours I work in the laptop, time with the little guy and the chores. Homeschooling should not take so much time everyday, especially so that we are just doing the preschool curriculum. But then again, it will still be an extra task in my already overloaded daily routine.

It really should not be so hard to figure out what should come down and what to do about it. But I still have these nanny issues and some concerns on getting a helper. Before I decided to work from home in 2007, I was a regular employee in one of those International companies in Ortigas.

Hiring the second nanny (the first one ran away with her boyfriend) was a mistake. My very own eyes witnessed how the one who was suppose to be the caregiver of my son hit my then one year old Jed with a balloon stick. Even with the mark on the child’s arm, she vehemently denied it! Que Horror! This is a nightmare to any parent. I swore that if I would ever have to leave my son to a nanny again, I am going to have one of those security cameras from GE home security. This is a tip from a former workmate. The very first time she left this hidden camera from GE home security system, was the time that she witnessed for herself the horror of leaving her son to the nanny who did nothing but abuse her son the moment she stepped out of their gate.

After what happened to the second nanny I took in, I just knew there was no way I am ever going to get another one to take care of my son. If ever I am to hire a helper, it will be for the chores around the house. It would also be nice if we install a GE alarm system, just to make sure that the burglary incident that happened in 1999 won’t happen again. The culprit mastermind then was our former helper. We later found out that she’s had this reputation of stealing from the people she worked for. We knew too late. You really can’t be so sure these days anymore.

Woes of a Future Homeschooling Mom

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