Better Weather, Finally!

It has been weeks since the weather has been especially cruel. It went to a point that doing a minor chore became exhausting. To give you a better picture, the moment I step out of the bath, without the chance of wiping myself dry, is the time that sweat breaks off my pores. I swear, I could have thought I was having hot flashes!

It was especially hard for me, because juggling multiple tasks alone is not easy in itself. The past weeks, weather was incredibly humid. There was even a heat stroke incident my little guy had to go through. I still count my blessings amidst the crisis, but weather was really that crazy.

Thank God for the rains! It was what we needed. We actually did not have to turn on the air conditioning unit last night, when we almost had it on, 24/7 in the past days. We are really grateful. It would certainly make watching from amongst the extensive Dish network deals more fun. I was just chatting with a friend who works for Dish network and she raves about all this Dish network offers. Too bad we don’t have any similar local cable company like it. This is why we terminated the service of our former provider.

Meanwhile, we rely on the internet for our weekly dose of episodes of our favorite series, 24, Heroes and Prisonbreak. The weather is really conducive that I had to ask permission from the hubs if I could watch them without him. We always watch the episodes together. I am so going to tease him with spoilers. Teehee! Just kidding. This is when I sign off and sit back to watch. Till later!

Better Weather, Finally!

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