Baby Prodigy:A Guide to Raising a Smarter Happier Baby (A Book Review)

Genre: Parenting & Families
Author: Barbara Candiano-Marcus
This book is very entertaining, and written in a manner no other book I have read with regards to parenting. It does include the usual milestone stuff, activities in given ages.

But what makes this book interesting is that there are portions in it where a parent is made to see how the baby sees and feels from the everyday, albeit trivial things that happen from people who fascinate over him/her to separation anxiety. This portion is headlined “Dottie Says.”

It also contains famous nursery rhymes and activities galore, which can be very helpful. Another thing I appreciate about this book is learning about the dynamics of the vestibular system and and its strong influence on the baby’s gross motor development and basically the entire physiology of the body.

I’m giving it 3 out of 5 because it’s a good book but yet it’s not a complete one in itself. I would say that even as this book claims to be a guide to raising a smarter happier kid, still there’s something lacking despite the many activities and a number of informations shared in this book. Activities and all don’t cover the real thing.


Baby Prodigy:A Guide to Raising a Smarter Happier Baby (A Book Review)
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