A Trip to the Mall with a Tot in Tow

A trip to the mall for a regular single guy could just out of sheer passing of time. It spells a whole lot of difference when you become a parent. Trips to the mall is driven by at least three things. First it could be to do our grocery shopping, or to go pay the bills or for our son to go for a train ride in the mall’s play area.

If I should at all emphasize, trips to the mall can also be a good playdate for husband and wife. This should have a prime place in a family’s schedule, whether mall or otherwise. I just stated the mall as an example destination because malls here in our country are just about everywhere. Dating is a major thing in a marriage. When the baby arrives, this bundle of joy takes center stage and we can’t help it.It is very important to define a time for both the husband and wife to get away, just the two of them, even for a while.This will refresh them both and be reminded that a healthy marriage is a priority toward building a healthy family.

A Trip to the Mall with a Tot in Tow
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