The First 2 Years: A Book Review

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Author: The Focus on the Family Physicians
First of all, what attracted me to grab a hold of this book from one of the outlets of the booksale shops, was its being the current theme of my passion, on raising kids. Second, that it was produced by Focus on the Family. And when I checked the back cover, it says:

“Since children don’t come with an instruction manual, we asked the experts to write one. Here it is-the comprehensive guide to rearing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy children- from the most respected name in Christian parenting: Focus in the Family. Unlike any other book of its kind, The First Two Years is an indispensable guide that delivers practical advice and encouragement from some of today’s most respected Christian physicians. Help is at your fingertips in sections like Special Concerns section: straightforward help on topics such as fevers, caregivers, and effective discipline. Emergency Care section: basic first aid 9-1-1 calls, and preventive safety. A must-have for parents, this complete resource book will help you find answers to your questions and explore realistic approaches to parenting. Give your baby the best possible chance of growing into a healthy, well-adjusted child!”

Needless to say, I bought it. Jed was around 5 months then. After all the dozens parenting books I’ve read, I guess when you’ve read almost everything, and learned much, you don’t really stop. You grow as you learn. So, after graduating from the “What to Expect Series,” and almost everything on pregnancy, breastfeeding, La Leche League and infant care, I was still ready for this book, and I was not the least disappointed. This book is simply everything that it claims!

I especially appreciate the page I’m in now. It tackles about stuff on the twelve to twenty four months bracket. It says that these up and coming months my interaction with my kid will be crucial and days will pass more quickly than I can imagine. Boy, does it! And by the end of this year, it has got to be instilled in his mind that I love him with no condition, and at the same time it must be clear to him that I am in charge, and he’s not.

Jed is now 15 months old. This book keeps me motivated to do what I do. It is not for my own benefit, but his. This book is something I have been going back to since I got a hold of it. Thus, the five stars I’m giving it.

The First 2 Years: A Book Review
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