Milestones and Captured Moments

I figured this must be something most parents fascinates over For some it can come as trivial, but even as I have the privilege to see Jed develop, reaching his milestones (advanced than that of the posted national average), I get amazed looking beyond the comings and goings of everyday with this little guy. Now he’s not just all over the house, but has gotten into his maneuvering-and-getting-to-do-what-he wants tactics.

Milestone JED ZACHARY National Average
First Smile 1.5 Months 2 Months
Raise Head 1.0 Months 3 Months
First Laugh 1.5 Months 4 Months
Hold Object 3.0 Months 5 Months
Roll Over 3.5 Months 5 Months
Say First Word 8.0 Months 6 Months
Sit Up 6.0 Months 6.5 Months
First Tooth 7.0 Months 7 Months
Play Peek-A-Boo 5.5 Months 7 Months
Crawl 6.0 Months 8 Months
Pick Up Object 5.0 Months 9 Months
Wave 12.0 Months 13 Months
First Step 9.0 Months 13 Months
Walking 9.5 Months 13.5 Months
Drink from Cup 13.0 Months 16.5 Months
Stand With Support 3.5 months —
Stands Up Unsupported 8.5 months —

The pictures here were this morning when he was trying to get through the chair barriers I set up so as to prevent him from getting to the kitchen area. I was cooking his brown rice porridge, and considering our abode as not the ideal childfriendly one, I also have to watch out that he doesn’t fancy going over the low kitchen cabinets. We have not much room, so we have to adjust and make the most of what we have. And it could even be pretty exciting and funny seeing him walk sideways just to get where he wants to go. I love seeing this guy do all the things he does. Although there sure were times when I feel like going crazy over how tireless he can be. Especially so that I’m not just his primary caregiver, I’m also the reigning domestic godess of our home. So when juggling becomes difficult, it’s a struggle. But that’s another story.

Now at 14 months, I can already see his personality surfacing and with all the many changes, I’ve read that tantrums are inevitable. By far, although he has his way of making it known what he wants, I figured out a way to get his attention when this dreaded T tries to get its place. There was a time he needed a time out and it worked. He got the point.

Jed has basically been an easy, happy baby. I pray that he remains to be a blessing to the people around him.


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Milestones and Captured Moments

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