No More Nutrition Gaps with Lactum 3+ Powdered Milk at Shopee 9.9

School aged kids have different nutritional needs to support their growth and development. The question is, are your kids getting all the nutrients they need? As parents we do our best to provide our kids with healthy food options. But sometimes despite our efforts there are still nutrition gaps that have to be filled. This is why there is a need for drinks like Lactum 3+ Powdered Milk in your child’s daily diet.

No More Nutrition Gaps with Lactum 3+ Powdered Milk at Shopee 9.9
Calories, Calcium, Protein, Fibers, along with Iron and other Vitamins are essential nutrients for growing kids. They can get these nutrients from various dietary sources like fruits, vegetables, cereals, lean meat, and milk. But it can be difficult to measure if your kids are getting the right amount of nutrients even if you serve healthy meals. One way to ensure that there are no gaps in your child’s nutrition is to provide them with dietary supplements like Lactum 3+ Powdered Milk.

Lactum is a known brand of powdered milk drinks formulated for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school aged kids. It can help your child’s growth and development in 3 ways.

Brain Function and Development. Lactum contains Iron, Iodine and DHA which helps nourish and support brain development. You can further improve your child’s cognitive function by serving healthy breakfast everyday.

No More Nutrition Gaps with Lactum 3+ Powdered Milk at Shopee 9.9

Bone Growth. Lactum is a rich source of Calcium, the building block of healthy teeth and bones. It also has Vitamin D that promotes better calcium absorption in the body.

Stronger Immunity. Lactum has high levels of Vitamin C, E, and zinc as well as Vitamin A and Selenium. These vitamins and minerals helps strengthen the body’s immune system to protect kids from illnesses. A necessity amidst a pandemic.

Milk is one of the healthiest drinks that you can give your kids. If you want to optimize their growth and development then look no further. Lactum 3+ Powdered Milk can help you get the job done. It has all the essential nutrients found in all the food groups in the food plate. 3 servings a day should do the trick. One for breakfast, one for snack, and one at nighttime. Don’t worry because Lactum comes in two flavors, plain and chocolate, so you don’t have to worry about kids getting tired of drinking it.

There is no need to spend much to provide your kids with proper nourishment. Lactum 3+ powdered milk is reasonably priced and readily available at Shopee. It is even made more affordable with deals and promos during Sale events like the Shopee 9.9. If you want to get in on the Lactum deals then download the Shopee App and start shopping. The Shopee App is available for free at the App Store and Google Play.

No More Nutrition Gaps with Lactum 3+ Powdered Milk at Shopee 9.9

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