Revolutioner: Unlocking Your Brain’s Full Potential

Enhancing the human brain through Revolutioner, a membership that provides specially created audio soundtracks.

The first time I’ve heard of the benefit of the innovation of sound waves to our body, I had to listen really closely because this was something I’ve never heard of before. It was hard hard to believe, truth be told, until I experienced the benefit myself. The relief of body pain and migraine were enough for me to be a believer. I’ve had migraines since forever and having that taken cared of by mere my sound waves wasn’t the most conventional thing in the world, but I was stunned and amazed when it did.

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Then I recently discovered this brainwave entertainment provider Revolutioner, an innovation that unlocks the brain’s full potential, I’m totally all ears. For a family like ours who’ve been homeschooling since 2009, we are open to good resource like this to keep us on our toes and not slack away as we do our homeschooling routine. I’m a mom who juggles freelancing, homeschooling and our home. You can only imagine how depleted I feel at the end of the day and this is totally something I can make use of to be efficient at the tasks that I take on every single day. My passion is always to give my best at everything and having a fully utilized brain is very appealing to me.

I went to and tried the system for myself. When I saw the welcome line about humans only get to use 10% of their brain, for the most part (which I believe is not the first time I’ve heard it), my interest was piqued on learning how to make use of its full potential.

Experts say people are only using 10% of their brain.

Registering was easy, I was asked to enter my first name and email address to get a free trial session.

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How to Use Revolutioner

1. One Session A Day

Each level has 30 sessions that’s 12 minutes each. After each level is done, you’ll get access to the next. The suggestion is to listen one session per day.

2. Get Into A Routine

You will be able to notice amazing results faster when you get into a routine.

3. Be Relaxed

Be still as you listen to each session. If at all possible, listen while on your back, lying down.

4. Use Headphones

The use of earphones will better focus your brain away from outside noises.

5. Close Your Eyes

Closed eyes will better relax you as you focus on the sound. It is highly cautioned not to drive or work on a machinery while listening.

6. Drink Enough Water

Keep yourself hydrated. The recommendation is a glass of water before and after each session.

Proven Benefits of Revolutioner

1. Super-Learning and Academic Performance

  • Study on Cognitive Improvement by Ruth Olmstead, Ph.D.
  • Study on Improved Focus and Concentration by Dr. Graham J. Patrick
  • Study on Brainwave Stimulation vs. Ritalin

These are only three of the studies that have proven that have proven that brianwave entertainment improved cognitive skills, brain processing speed and increased focus and attention – translating to students getting improved grades.

2. Sports and Athletic Performance

A growing number of athletes who uses brain wave stimulation to keep their mind in peak performance reports great improvements in their mental attitude and ability to perform, enabling them to get “in the zone” and deliver their best.

3. Addiction

Research shows that those who do not have “sets” of brainwaves in the alpha range (particularly 8Hz – 12Hz), are more likely to become addicts. This means that the feeling of anxiety is persistent and will drive them to satisfy that need with external substance.

Revolutioner stimulates key brain frequencies and develops the brainwave the person lacks. The Revolutioner audio soundtracks will not only remove addictive cravings but will also create foundation towards an addiction-free life.

4. Anxiety and Stress Reduction

The Spielberger’s State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) test was done on people who had addiction caused by high workloads.  The anxiety test was done before and after the brainwave stimulation and they showed a massive decrease of stress and anxiety levels.

5. Depression

The Revolutioner system provides solution to enhance mood and decrease emotional instability.

6. Increase in Energy and Motivation

A test done by Dr. David Trudeau in 1998 to treat patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), with the test stimulated the 18 (Hz) frequency, resulted to reduced depression. The same patients also reported better energy levels and improved sleep.

7. Sleep Aid

Studies show that the brain’s inability to fall asleep lies within the range of 12 to 14Hz (SMR region) – those who have trouble sleeping don’t have enough brainwave activity in the SMR region. Dr. Hauri conducted SMR training on 16 participants resulted to improved ability to fall asleep. This translates to a good night’s sleep and well rested body.

Revolutioner Membership

Revolutioner is currently offering their membership at 77% off.

I am going to get this road tested myself. I just finished the first session and am very hopeful for I have personally experienced getting my migraine and back pain resolved by sound waves just recently. I will surely let you in on how Revolutioner fares as I move along.


Revolutioner: Unlocking Your Brain’s Full Potential

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