Medsonix Therapy: Alternative Relief from Pain

Medsonix Acoustic Resonating Therapy System is now available in the Philippines.

Medsonix Sound Therapy

For someone who’s known pain for most of her life, I know exactly what it’s like to going through recurrent episodes of pain. I’ve suffered from migraine from the time I had my menarche at 11 years old. As years went by, my body gradually refused to respond to regular pain medications – the only medication that works when migraine strikes nowadays is Naproxen, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). I’ve tried a lot of natural supplements to no avail. If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’ll know that it’s been over a decade since our family started our efforts to “go green.” . This applies to the food we introduce to our bodies and the products that we use. We always choose the more natural way over synthetic one, in a heartbeat.

This is primarily why I gave birth drug-free (no anaesthesia, baby!). My husband and I made sure we’re equipped by undergoing Lamaze/Bradley classes. Yes, I’ve been taking drugs for migraine since I was 11 years old and I refuse to not be in control of my body when I gave birth. It worked! We often recall, with fulfillment, how my husband and I “hee hee, hoo hoo, ha ha’d” through giving birth! It was through Lamaze that I was able to manage my childbirth pain as opposed to the contractions controlling me. It was that one time in my life that I succeeded over physical pain – emotional pain deserves a separate entry altogether (probably a whole page with several links to a host of blog posts, haha!).

So when I learned about Medsonix, I had to quiet myself for a while and listen closely since it did sound too good to be true (pun intended).  To become pain-free through low-frequency sound waves? I was all ears.


What is Medsonix Acoustic Resonating Therapy?

Medsonix is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, prescription-free, safe and effective method of relieving pain and discomfort that is now available at Clinica Manila in Megamall. Developed over 10 years by Alphonse Cassone of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, this US FDA-registered device uses low frequency sound waves to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and pain, and relieve the painful symptoms of a host of medical problems.

Pilot studies conducted at the School of Nursing and Physical Therapy at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2000 published in an international medical journal in 2002 showed that the Medsonix Therapy System improved range of motion and decreased pain in over 85% of patients.

“Immediate and sustained pain relief has been experienced by many patients after only one therapy session to six sessions are normally required for maximum benefit,” according to Cassone, 42, who has experimented with sound waves for the past 15 years.

“We are confident that the Medsonix Therapy System will be embraced by many Filipinos who have suffered long enough and want immediate relief from pain. This revolutionary method will help improve the quality of life of many patients who have tried almost everything to get rid of pain,” added Professor Enrique Soriano III, an educator, family business coach, author, columnist, and professor of global marketing, program director for real estate, and chair of the Marketing Cluster of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

A few of the medical conditions helped by the Medsonix Therapy System:

  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • migraine
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • back and join pain
  • multipls sclerosis
  • lyme disease
  • fibromyalgia
  • sciatica
  • diabetic neuropathy
  • lupus
  • peripheral vascular disease

How does Medsonix work?

  • The Medsonix Therapy System utilizes a piezo-electric effect by generating, through the use of electricity. Part of the system is submerged in a self-contained unit filled with an aqueous solution that is connected to the Medsonix Control Unit which operates the range of patented low frequencies at specified cycle rates.


The self-contained unit filled with an aqueous solution that is connected to the Medsonix Control Unit (second photo on this article)

  • Through this process, electrical energy is converted into acoustic energy that emits a low frequency acoustic waveform which permeates the body and causes a natural healing process to take place.  This acoustic waveform is generated effectively in an Omni-directional beam pattern (360⁰) which means that up to six people can treat during one therapy session.  The result of the low frequency acoustic energy waveform is like tuning fork which creates a sound wave that permeates the body naturally and allows a natural healing process to take place.
  • Medsonix clients simply sit, relax and absorb the low frequency acoustic pressure waves generated by the Medsonix Therapy System.  The majority of treatments are scheduled for thirty (30) minute increments.  No preparation time is necessary and clients have no need to disrobe.

Is Medsonix safe for those with medical implants?

The acoustic waveform generated by the MTS does not interfere with pacemaker, pain-pump, or other implanted or electrical devices.

How many sessions will I need to undergo before I feel the benefits?

Many patients in the United States attest to immediate and sustained relief from pain. Although 4 to 6 sessions is highly recommended to gain maximum benefit from the Medsonix therapy.

My Medsonix Experience


Of course, I didn’t just take their word for it, I had to see for myself, or in this case, feel for myself. I went to Clinica Manila where the Medsonix Therapy is offered and had my first session. Before the Medsonix therapeutic sound was set off, we were asked to identify health conditions that we know we had before the session. I had this shoulder pain that was persistent for around four days then and I was feeling an onset of migraine, given the nights I lost sleep over the shoulder pain.


During the session, I intermittently chatted away, checked emails, SMS’d with the hubby who was on his way to pick me up and almost getting lulled to sleep by the relaxing spa music that was bursting through my headphones.


Listening to music through headphones is optional. The sound coming from the Medsonix device may have the tendency to annoy some people, so the music can come in handy. I wore my headphones because the spa music was too inviting not to indulge myself in. 🙂

There was no remarkable thing that happened (or so I thought) during the 30 minute session. I wasn’t really expecting much to happen because anyway, I thought, if it was at all effective, the shoulder pain I’ve had for days won’t just go away instantly. I was in for a very pleasant surprise the moment I got up from where I was seated – free of shoulder pain and zero hint of migraine. It was hard to believe, to be honest.

Just when I thought that was it – no more migraine and shoulder pain, I’ve also had the sweetest and longest sleep in months. I slept like a baby for 3 consecutive nights – sweet, undisturbed sleep. Now, that’s priceless.

It’s been 6 days since I had my Medsonix Therapy and I’m still enjoying pain-free shoulders and nary a hint of migraine! I’m totally getting the word out on this. If people who are constantly in pain have an access to drug-free pain management system, then I highly recommend that you try this out for yourself. You can thank me later. 🙂

Medsonix Acoustic Resonating Therapy System

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Medsonix Therapy: Alternative Relief from Pain

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