This is How We Say No to Cough and Colds

From a chilly 20 degree Celsius weather from when 2014 began to a sudden spike of 30° in just a few days. That’s basically what happened as March came to a close. While we did enjoy the cooler weather longer than we were used to in the past years, the sudden wave of heat was definitely unwelcome as it simultaneously sent us three to sick la-la-land.

22 degree weather january 16 31 degree weather

Left: January 16 weather vs. Right: March 29 weather. Not exactly a few days apart, all right. But weather was for the most party chilly before it suddenly jumped to 30.

Ever since the sudden spike of weather, I suffered a 2-week long migraine, the hubby, cough and my son a week-long fever, which was diagnosed as viral. Thank God, migraine finally left me alone but my head would still occasionally do its all-too-familiar thumping that usually preludes to migraine when the weather would do a sudden spike there again. But it wasn’t as bad as that 2-week thing and haven’t gone full blast again since. 


The hubby’s cough has been pretty persistent too, for a good 2 weeks. Aside from the cayenne pepper gargle I concocted for him when sore throat gets bad, I’ve had him on Lagundi medication and it has since helped. Proof: I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore with him coughing on succession.

Our family has always preferred natural medications over the more popular ones. This is why as opposed to chemical-filled sore throat medication, I had the hubby on a twice a day, cayenne pepper concoction to take care of his sore throat. Two days and sore throat is no more. 🙂

I love that more and more natural products like Lagundi leaf (Vitex negundo L.) cough syrup, is made available in the market. As opposed to a handful of contraindications unnatural medicines have, products like this has none. Lagundex is an herbal product extensively studied and trusted by the Department of Health. Developed by a group of Filipino scientists, it only uses indigenous lagundi plants, making it truly and proudly a Filipino product.

Aside from taking Lagundi for coughs and colds. The following are a few tips to keep in mind this summer: 

Take plenty of fluids. Aside from the summer heat, cough and colds bring dehydration. Drinking water is important to keep fluids and flush toxins from the body. This also maintains the body’s electrolyte balance. One good source of hydration and electrolytes is chicken soup. Though it may sound weird to take something hot during summer, chicken soup helps reduce inflammation and make mucus thinner.

Rest and relax. When you notice that you’re feeling sick, do not ignore it and go on with your normal, daily routine. Slow down and rest so it won’t get worse. But if you can’t take the day off, at least try to go to bed earlier than usual.

Hot showers. Taking hot baths can be the worst possible feeling, especially when it’s really hot outside. But its steam works like a natural decongestant which relieves cold symptoms. It lessens sinus pressure, moisturizes nasal passages and soothes itchy throat. It even makes the body feel relaxed.

Avoid caffeine, salty, spicy food and refined sugars. Caffeine, usually found in coffee, tea and chocolate, is a psychoactive stimulant drug which dehydrates the body. As being hydrated is important to treat cough and colds, caffeine should be avoided. Also, excessive intake of salty, spicy food and refined sugars speed up the body’s system

Lagundex, a brand of Lagundi leaf, is guaranteed safe as it strictly complies with the manufacturing requirements of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. It is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with certified facilities to ensure its quality and efficacy.

I have had the hubby on Lagundex for 2 days now and his health has improved a lot. I rarely hear him cough anymore. This natural and herb-derived products once again affirms that God has provided cure for us right from His creation.

Lagundex 300 mg/5 mL syrup comes in sweet orange and peppermint flavors suited for kids, while the Lagundex Forte 600 mg/5 mL syrup in soothing mint flavor and Lagundex 600 mg tablet are ideal for adults. These are available in leading drugstores. Find Lagundex on 🙂

This is How We Say No to Cough and Colds

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