@TheMindMuseum Turns 2!

When our family had a sneak peek of The Mind Museum through the Space Shell dome that was installed in the activity area of Market! Market! Mall in 2010, during its online fundraising campaign launch, we already were quite thrilled for our son as we knew that it will be established in time when our son will fully appreciate Science museums and the like.  Our then 5 year old son was already heavily reading through his Science Library collection at that time.

Mind Museum

The above picture is one of the collages of our recent visit to the Mind Museum. We went with Jed’s cousin, Shane and the kids cannot be more thrilled! We haven’t even left the museum and they already want to go back. We will be back for sure before the summer break ends. My son learned how to take fingerprints through the sneak of one of The Mind Museum’s program, CSI 101. With our now 8 year old son loving the Hardy Boys series, I can only imagine the excitement. He is our little explorer who loves to solve mysteries. 🙂

What do you know, it’s been 2 years since The Mind Museum has first opened its doors. We really have not gone to visit until recently, mainly because it was the Hongkong Science Museum that our son first in love with, so to say, when it came to museums. We had visited it twice in the last couple of years.  Having visited The Mind Museum, we are really impressed.  We cannot help but salute the people who made it possible.  It may not be as huge as the Hongkong Science Museum, all right. But it still is as world-class as world-class could be. You would need to allot an entire day to go through each nook. We cannot emphasize how happy our little family is that we do not need to fly to Hongkong for our son to indulge his love for Science. 🙂

The Mind Museum, a non-profit organization of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., takes pride in being a museum designed by Filipinos for Filipinos, as it reaches out to the world to contribute to the public understanding of science. Gaining International Recognition The world has reached out to The Mind Museum too, setting it apart from other learning destinations, with the accolades garnered within its two years of existence. For one thing, the museum has earned a GOLD LEED certification from the US Green Building Council for being a paragon of modern, environmentally-sustainable architecture. The Mind Museum’s most recent honor is an award dubbed as the “Oscars” of the themed entertainment industry around the world. The THEA Award given by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) for this year’s “Outstanding Achievement,” cites that the museum “expands science into a fully experiential world,” and that “the thematic thread and artistic treatments throughout is what makes this project extraordinary by any standards”. Awardees include the Disney Parks, Cirque du Soleil and Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. This is a proud moment for the Philippines for having the first science museum in Asia to receive such recognition in the entire 20-year history of the TEA. In these two years, The Museum has also hosted fantastic and beautiful traveling exhibitions from around the world like Da Vinci–The Genius in 2013, and Biorhythm from Ireland in 2012.

Mind Museum Soccer Science

The Mind Museum constantly evolves by coming up with new ways on how to present science. This year, patrons can expect more awesome exhibits, shows and activities presented in a whole new level. For instance, one can now catch three planetarium shows, the newest being “Back to the Moon for Good”, narrated by actor Tim Allen. The stunning visuals and compelling narrative highlights the history of exploring the moon, and an inside look into the teams vying for the US$30 million Google Lunar XPrize, the largest incentivized prize in history. By end of April, a portion of the museum’s second floor will be housing a special exhibition for a limited run. Launched in Singapore last 2013, “The Apocalypse Project – Imagined Futures” explores possible creative lifestyles under climate change. One area will display Climate Change Couture for the future.

  Mind Museum Science in the ParkThere’s also Science-in-the-Park right outside The Mind Museum. As spent as the hubby and I already were, the kids’ nudging were hard to ignore. How can we ever keep up with them! 🙂

The  Mind Museum is currently offering a list of unique and really awesome summer programs:

  • Crime Scene Investigation 101 – kids can learn how to gather & analyze evidence from a crime scene.
  • Junior Mind Mover Program – expose young minds to the work of scientists in museums, from creative science communication to demonstrating experiments.
  • Marine Science Camp –  marine biologists from the California Academy of Sciences take the explorers to a closer underwater look into the coral reefs of Anilao, Batangas.
  • Soccer Science – a soccer game training and a science workshop rolled in to one.

There are also the staple features such as monthly science parties called “MindBursts”, and free science conversations with rock star scientists from here and all over in “Cafe Scientifique.”  The Mind Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday with Summer Day Pass rates of P450 (Adult, Child, Private School Student) and P150 (Teacher, Public School Student).

The Mind Museum
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@TheMindMuseum Turns 2!

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