Home Improvement: Canopied Bed

Hubby and I came home last weekend from an awesome week of ministering with the lovely people of Living Waters Philippines up north, with this package sitting at my doorstep and a kiddo itching to have it opened. 🙂

tmart package.jpg

I have to give it to our son to have enough EQ to keep himself from opening this package. He saw from the package that it came from Tmart and he has been looking forward to its arrival since the day we ordered his portable blade-less fan that I blogged about via ChristianHomeschooler.info. 🙂

Canopy Mosquito Net from Tmart.jpg

Aside from our son’s portable bladeless fan, the package included this White Elegant Lace Bed Canopy Mosquito Net and another stuff for our kitchen that I recently blogged via MyTummyisFull.com.  After having travelled a good 8 hour bus ride with the hubby from La Union (what adventure!) before I got this opened, I had still enough in me to get giddy. I’m shallow like that. 🙂

After experiencing that pretty bedroom setup with a canopied bed for its centerpiece at The Farm for our 11th anniversary in 2012 (a gift from Jeff’s sis), I have dreamed of having one right from home! It’s just that there’s nothing at our local malls that will make installation doable and without having to replace our bed. After all the expenses of having our home’s second floor built, major purchases will have to be put off for sometime.

Canopy installation instruction.jpg
Easy peasy installation instruction. I was not really expecting for the hubby to get this set up soon since we were pretty spent and needed to recharge for a bit after that long bus travel. After getting busy in the kitchen, our son, the chatterbox that he is giggled and gave me hints “not to go upstairs” just yet. I kind of knew that the hubby was at it already. Without getting the stainless ladder up in the second floor, I was kind of puzzled how he could have it installed. Oh well. I just prepared lunch away as I normally would.

After lunch, I had this for dessert…

canopied bed.jpg

 Our very own canopied bed!

As seemingly shallow thing to be happy about over a simple and not as flamboyant looking of a canopy bed this is — I was totally in giddy land!  I love it! Thank you www.Tmart.com for carrying a variety of lovely stuff that are otherwise unavailable in our local stores. Just so we’re clear, this turns out to be more than just aesthetics, for some reason, even with our well-screened home, blood-sucking mosquitoes came forth as soon as the summer weather officially started. This canopy mosquito net cannot be more timely. I tried looking for holes in screen doors and windows. Nada. I miss the chilly weather!  It was lovely while it lasted though. As for  the mosquito-trouble, here’s hoping it will go away soon. 🙂

Disclosure: The White Elegant Lace Bed Canopy Mosquito Net was sent in exchange of an honest user experience and review for Tmart.

Home Improvement: Canopied Bed

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