Happy 11th anniversary to us!

Happy 11th anniversary to us!

We quietly celebrated our wedding anniversary last week. As opposed to our plan for a winter getaway for our anniversary, we stayed put, got busy with some house construction preparations and hied off to a quick getaway to The Farm in Lipa, Batangas, which I am going to blog about soon. Stay tuned for that. That was another unforgettable experience!

Jeff and I finished reading Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll in time for our anniversary too. Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending us great books that we have been learning a lot from. This particular book is one valuable piece. I think this is my favorite of all favorites on books about marriage. It also tackled about family planning. It allowed for us to understand more what the big deal about contraception is. With the RH Bill getting all the attention these days, it is time for us to say a word or two about it.

A resort review, a post on a highly recommended book on marriage and our take on this RH Bill, or at least what our stand is when it comes to contraception and family planning — just a few of the things on queue. But for a whole week or a little over that, I just relaxed and enjoyed my husband and my son as we celebrated away from the city. It was one deserved hiatus.

Trials. They are practically mainstays in every marriage. Show me one without trials and I will show you a couple who do not really connect. I still get all giddy as I thank God for giving the husband that Jeff is. He is not perfect, as I’m not. To our 11th year, he still managed to surprise me with his gifts! I married a genius! And I thought I’ve had him figured out. 🙂

Apparently, what my mom said about hearts not aging, is true. It does physiologically. But how it feels about things, to make it more personal, how I feel about the love of my life now as opposed to how I did 11 years ago, aside from the fact that I have seen him at his worst, (which I believe makes it even more romantic) since the love that I now have comes with acceptance, makes it all the more special.

As we watched our wedding video in the wee hours of our 11th anniversary celebration, we cried and laughed as we vowed to be our best for each other in however many years God will grant us together. Happy 11th anniversary, Jeff! 🙂

Happy 11th anniversary to us!

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