A Mother’s Badge of Honor (Stretch Marks)

Stretch marks. Some call them mother’s badge of honor, for good reason. Carrying that little bundle for 9 months is no easy feat and the trauma it does to our bodies can just about be countless. This is especially for those who went under the knife.

medal of honor

We can always choose to look at our stretch marks like such. Badges of honor, why not? Truth be told, looking at our child is enough to convince us that he is oh so worth it.  🙂 Maybe for that reason, my stretch-marks never really bothered me that much. But then again, given the chance to get rid of them, I will sure grab.

Celeteque Anti-stretch mark cream

After almost 9 years of giving birth, I  came across Celeteque Dermoscience Anti-stretch mark cream that I started using a few times now.  I am not so sure yet if it can still do some considerable magic on my medals of honor (haha!), since they have kind of embedded themselves pretty heavily on my skin like  they’ve been there forever.

Let’s get a little more scientific for a bit, if you may.  Stretch marks happen because our skin cannot keep up with the rapid stretching of the skin. The elastic fibers under the skin’s surface break and results to those what we normally call stretch marks. And when ever else do you get such rapid weight gain and skin stretching but during pregnancy, right?

anti-stretch mark cream dermoscience

But here’s the deal. I have never been big on lotions. If I can do away with it, I will. In fact, the only times I slather lotion on my skin is when we are on the beach or we are going swimming. It can be the tropical climate that makes me feel sticky whenever. And by the way, I can have my own helping of stickiness just by our country’s usual weather, thank you. So this 16°C to 26°C climate is such a sweet chilly change for all of us in Manila. I super duper love it! 🙂

As a work from home mom, I love that I can juggle the chores and my online tasks without breaking a sweat, like literally.

celeteque maternity cream

The only drawback of this cooler weather is my skin going out of sorts! I have never felt my skin so dry until lately and the Celeteque Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is doing such an amazing job at keeping my skin moisturized like no other. My stretch marks have also appeared not so embedded anymore, if you know what I mean. And I have only used this anti-stretch mark cream for a few days. 😉

A Mother’s Badge of Honor (Stretch Marks)

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