Re-recording “Mercy” by Casting Crowns

After our recent recording of a cover of “Deeply in Love” by Hillsong, my wife and I are doing a repeat recording of a song she already sang and I recorded on the Garage Band app in iPad. The song is entitled “Mercy” by Casting Crowns.

When we first recorded it, I used only an acoustic guitar, but I felt it did not give justice to how the music of the original version. My wife also wanted to improve the vocals part so we both decided to redo everything. I have thought about using our M-Audio keyboard and maybe getting an m-audio firewire solo equipment to go with it but that would be too exaggerated for now.

We do have plans for the future to have some professional recording equipment set up at home but for now, as we establish our finances with the help of our Financial Peace University study, we are satisfied with just using what we have and those are, my Ibanez acoustic guitar, the Garage Band app, our M-Audio keyboard and the Amplitube Fender app. Hopefully, we would be able to finish have the final recording done this weekend.

Re-recording “Mercy” by Casting Crowns

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