Our Family’s Current Favorite Staycation Places: Home and Plantation Bay

Before we fly off to our little family’s much needed vacation, I leave you, our dear readers, this quick video I took of our son last Monday. With our son’s recent fondess towards the Phantom of the Opera musical, he came up with this first few notes of the song all by ear.

No, he has not been attending any music class lately, which makes us think he should and maybe nurture his musical skills. 🙂

music boys

This is our usual scene when family days (Mondays) are spent on home sweet home staycation. Jeff taught Jed a few chords on the guitar last week. As much as we love staycations, especially now that our home has turned more conducive for that, here’s looking forward to our favorite vacation place in the whole wide world — Plantation Bay! Now that’s staycation on a level on its own. 🙂

We are one stoked bunch! The kiddo has got a few plans on his list for this week. Including spending a grand time at the Game Room, tandem biking, snorkling, wall climbing, archery, et. al. The hubby is mostly looking forward to target shooting and the spa. Me? Frolicking about on the beach and watching my boys have a blast. I would also love to take advantage of Plantation Bay’s free swimming lessons for kids happening every 4-5pm. The sun and me, we were not used to be the best of friends. But things happen when family happily gets in the way. 🙂

We are off to enjoying Plantation Bay soon and after enjoying our stay last year, the 4 day stay is such sweet reward after all the stresses we have been through this past year. Plus the crazy busy, mind/heart boggling events of the first half of this year. Thank you Lord for the earthly reward! 🙂

Our Family’s Current Favorite Staycation Places: Home and Plantation Bay

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