Ceelin Plus launches “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” Campaign

Yesterday, I attended this “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” campaign launch spearheaded by Ceelin Plus. It basically promotes strong strong immunity and  educates about its relation to growth stunting among Filipino children. While we never really had an issue with my son who is obviously big for his age, it does not mean that we are not affected by the fact that Philippines actually ranks second in Southeast Asia when it comes to growth stunting.

Dr. Imelda Agdeppa spoke on The Problem of Stunting in the Philippines and Its Association to Infection

It really is very alarming, to say the least. In 2011, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) conducted a study on the nutritional status of Filipino children showing that 3 in every 10 children, ages 0-5 years old, are stunted for their age. Among those aged 6-11 months, there is a 16.2 percentage of stunted growth and the rate reaches as high as 33.6% when the children turn one.

While it is expected for underdeveloped countries like the Philippines for stunting to be more prevalent, it does not mean that we will leave it at that. We parents should be in the know and be vigilant when it comes to the care of our children.

Apparently, growth stunting is caused by two main factors: malnutrition and recurrence of illness or infections. The prolonged inadequacies in nutrient intake as well as recurrence of illness can slow down skeletal growth and eventually lead to linear growth retardation.

In a nutshell, this is what basically happens when a child is not properly nourished. Under nourished children experience stunting in the long haul.

The “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” campaign promotes preventive Vitamin C and Zinc supplementation to offer solution to this alarming stunting incident in our country. This Vitamin C and Zinc supplementation is said to boost our children’s immunity, which will help children have strong immunity resulting in normalized growth and thereby prevent growth stunting.

Health experts say that Vitamin C forms part of the body’s natural immune system and it stimulates the activity of antibodies and immune cells. While zinc is required for the normal development and maintenance of the immune system. Know more about the benefit of Vitamin and Mineral supplementation with Ceelin Plus on Facebook.

Ceelin Plus launches “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” Campaign

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